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  1. Rav

    Looking to restore a cab... anyone there around London that can recommend welder & sprayer? 

  2. Pic's off the Resto m8 please
  3. Sorry Frankie I don't know anyone down your way - but may be someone will But if you can get a few side pic's of the door when closed it may help
  4. First check all the caps when the door is closed, the caps should be the same all around the door aperture if that's OK Open the door about 6 inch's holding the door from the door handle/latch end check if there is any up & down movement, in if you can the hinge pins could be shot
  5. I hope get some work done on at least 1 project this year more than likely the 110 Landrover what work needs done on yeah 3i Ian
  6. Try this site Nick may help with looking for future bits https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/
  7. Hard to see tbh but there is a gap around the outer edge so it's possible the cover may have come off
  8. Looks Great Daz Love a 3i in white
  9. Shhhhhhhhhhhh I've not touched it in years lol
  10. Rear Quarter outer Weatherstrips (J Shaped Seals) are available from East Kent Trim About £90 a Set new (Not genuine but a very good replacement) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Escort-Mk3-4-Cabriolet-Rear-Quarters-Door-Glass-Seals-OUT-OF-STOCK/322806955677?hash=item4b28cb3e9d:g:GtwAAOSwL5BZ1RTs:rk:33:pf:0
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