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  1. Think he means these one's Ultra Rare Whealer Dealers where after a set and even put messages on Social Media & Failed to get any
  2. RScab

    90 spec XR3I Cabriolet

    That's looks a very clean car - I'd be keeping that m8 And keep it original
  3. RScab


    So 2 cannibals, father and son, are walking on the beach. They see a beautiful young woman bathing in the sea. The son asks "father shall we take her home and eat her" The father replies "no son, we take her home and ,,,,,,,, eat your mother"
  4. RScab

    The wife

    What do you say to your wife when she has 2 black eyes??????Nothing. You've told her twice already.
  5. RScab

    Wiring plug whats it for??

    Looks like the cigarette lighter illumination bulb
  6. RScab

    What car would you ?

    E type roadster would be my second choice Tony
  7. RScab

    What car would you ?

    DB9 Volante
  8. RScab

    New club banners

    Paul what sizes do you need the banners to be?
  9. PMSL Col if where still round then m8
  10. Not long now PMSL Paul Can you PM me your contact number please m8
  11. Most Parts are from Ebay or contacts I have made from there over the years Daz
  12. RScab

    Welshlad's 12 Week Project

    When you fittin yeah seats Tony?
  13. RScab

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Hope you never had heated washer jets lol
  14. RScab

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    I had to stop the misses toppin up the Brake fluid reservoir with water once
  15. RScab

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    PMSL - Sure you ain't taken the fuel pump off lol