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  1. Rodney

    Chrome Oval 'Ford' Badge

    Hi Again The embossing is so slight it is difficult to photograph but hopefully these two, one colour one b+w, should show it. The paint then surrounded the lettering to leave them showing in chrome. The external shoulder of the badge is chrome and then rolls over into a painted indent all round the oval and then a chrome ridge before the main area of the blue oval starts. Hope you can follow that! It measure 100mm x 40mm. It showed no sign of the paint loss up until last year and this seemed to happen over night! Whilst not a concours car by any stretch om the imagination I nevertheless like to keep things original. spec. Thanks for you interest. Cheers Rodney
  2. Rodney

    Chrome Oval 'Ford' Badge

    Hi I will take a couple of pics tomorrow for you to see. Thanks for coming back to me. Rodney
  3. My Mark 6 has a chrome oval Ford badge on the boot that has very slightly raised lettering and then infilled around in blue which unfortunately is flaking off. Does anyone know if these are available anywhere please as I can only find plastic versions? Cheers.
  4. Rodney

    Mk6 Brakes

    Much appreciated I will look into this, thanks.
  5. They work OK and have always passed the MoT but they just don't seem anywhere near as good as modern brakes. Over the last few years I have been driving a Transit Connect van and the brakes on that are so sharp and light it would stop on a sixpence as they used to say. I'm not expecting that sort of performance but are there specialists companies who will asses brakes? My local garage is very good but they say there is no problem as it passes the MoT. Any thoughts/advise please?
  6. Rodney

    Steering Column Knock Mk 6

    Many thanks I'll put that to my garage.
  7. Rodney

    Steering Column Knock Mk 6

    Yes I do, large pull down lever underneath.
  8. I can push my steering wheel up just enough to make a small knocking noise, movement is no more than about 3mm. Two garages have checked it out by part dismantling and say it is perfectly safe. They both say the only way they could correct it would be a complete new steering column! It doesn't move with normal use you need to push it up - I only noticed it when pulling myself up on the wheel trying reach something. Anyone else got this 'feature'?
  9. Hi All Did this get resolved as I have the same problem on my Mk6 Cabby? Switch light comes on but de-mist does not work all of a sudden? Cheers Rodney
  10. Are they still available from Ford or can anyone recommend an alternative please?
  11. I've eventually had a full re-spray by Classic Carr and it seems to be a brilliant job. As suggested I tried a couple of other classic car companies, one was based in a large untidy complex of workshops and there was no way I was leaving my Cabbie there! At the other I was met by a right jobsworth and walked away. Classic Carr do just classic cars and are a small friendly set up: http://www.restoreclassiccarr.co.uk/
  12. Rodney

    How To Unclip/lift Rear Of Hood

    Hi Each Was there an outcome to this problem please? Do the studs that fix the tonneau also hold the back of the hood down and if so how are they fixed into the body work? I had a cheapy re-spray a few years back (now regretted of course!) and a couple of these studs are not fully in. I'm arranging for a proper re-spray now but I'm concerned about these being removed again. I'd like to be 'gened' up before I discuss with the garage. Thanks Rodders
  13. Rodney

    Bodywork Restoration

    Yes mine is a 6 so same difference I guess body wise. There is rust coming through at the base of the front wings where they meet the cills - a critical structural point I would guess. However the car is not sagging as the doors still shut as they did when I bought it 14 years ago. At the front of the rear wheel arches, where the back wing turns in to form a lip or edge, rust has got between the double skins that are just spot welded and is starting to distort it. The lower half would then need repainting obviously. I'm mostly concerned about the structure/safety of the car so that I can continue to use it with confidence. She's just a bog standard cabbie, as built ,and I'm happy if she just looks 'nice'. I live In Bedford or rather just south of it so they seem convenient. Whilst Classic Carr looked chaotic and the spray 'booth' is just a curtained area with a fan all the results looked good. They have promised to do it whilst we are away on our two week holiday. They must make some people happy to survive? I'm confused now!