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  1. Keith Whitbread

    Mk5B Window Repair

    100% successful, repaired a total of 8 teeth with a MIG welder ground down and harden, refitted and now working, will post a pic once I have sorted out photobucket
  2. Keith Whitbread

    Mk5B Window Repair

    Having problems locating a widow regulator, the half moon cog has 2 broken teeth. Only part I have located is in the USA £150 to buy and import. This week going to try and weld on 2 new teeth. Will keep you posted if successful. Keith
  3. Keith Whitbread

    Insurance Data Base Important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, I am with Footman James, we have our cab insured as a classic for a minimum of £10,000 for a fixed premium of £430 December last year someone kindly Hit the rear quarter of our Cab. With in two days an insurance assessor inspected the vehicle and said it could not be repaired as parts were not available. We wanted the car and agreed a buy back price and with in 5 days they paid the balance of £10,000 into our bank. Thanks to two club members they found me a car being broken for spares, we cut off the complete rear quarter. my local body repairer (A and true craftsman's ) spent the last five months repairing the car. The car is like new again and Footman James have re-insured the car for £10,000. why go else where? When I sort out my PC I will post the history of the rebuild. Keith
  4. Keith Whitbread

    Old Warden Show

    Hi Ian, thanks will check the diary to see if the with will part with her "baby"! Forgot to ask you what did you think of the car? took me 7 months to restore to that condition. I must post the story of the re-build,the problems of parts and how we solved the problem of a worn seat. Keith
  5. Keith Whitbread

    Old Warden Show

    Hi Ian, Should have seen my boots! Monday is de-muding day. Same I missed you. Just entered the Hatfield show 3rd July Keith
  6. Keith Whitbread

    Old Warden Show

    Hi entered our cabriolet in this Sunday show at Old Warden. I will post picture ext week Already booked for the Knebworth show later this year Keith Whitbread
  7. Keith Whitbread

    Classic Car Show, Knebworth House 30Th - 31St August

    Due to the weather last year (a wash out) they have issued free tickets to all participants may be see you there?#Keith
  8. Keith Whitbread

    Car Shows

    Hi all, Just booked tickets for two shows Old Warden, Biggleswade 3rd April Knebworth House 29th/30th May More information on info@geminievents.co.uk Both events are a good family day out. any one interested as tickets go very fast? Keith Whitbread
  9. Keith Whitbread

    Radio Problem

    Hi Just to say thanks, yes the radio did have a glass fuse at the back and is now working OK I made the Pullers from a wire coat hanger they work great. (Found how to do it on you tube) Keith
  10. Keith Whitbread


    If it helps, I had a problem with my MK5, kept stalling and stopping. There was a carbon build up in the inlet manifold that blocked part of the butterfly. The problems was due to a leaking value, ended up in a complete engine rebuild? Keith
  11. Keith Whitbread

    Radio Problem

    hi, thanks for your help, Keith
  12. Keith Whitbread

    Radio Problem

    Can any help, fitted new rad fan, disconnected the battery, now the radio is dead. Checked all fuses which are ok, is there an inline fuse for the radio? MK5 b radio cassette Keith
  13. Keith Whitbread

    Insurance Company's

    Forget Adrian Flux, just wasted 3 weeks of my time. Phoned Footman James, quoted on the phone as a classic car, with an agreed value. Points to note:- You must be a fully paid up member to a car club and remain so, they checked my membership number on line whilst I was on the phone? The car has to be over 20 years old and original spec and condition. The car can be parked on the drive and has to be fitted with an immobilizer You can can agree the mileage 3k, 5K,7K to a max 10k per year. the price increase with the miles. Normal coverage includes shows, spares and you can even buy back the salvage if written off. They will quote for under 25's! Hope this helps I think is worth given them a phone Keith
  14. Keith Whitbread

    Insurance Company's

    Had a lot of problems with Adrian Flux, quoted me an agreed value of £10k for £240. I refused to take it out without a written confirmation of the value, had to send 7 photo's and all details. 2 weeks later they have just come back with a value of £4k. Glad I did not take out the policy with them !!!! Customer service useless Just phoned Footman James they have agreed to insure for £10k as a classic car for £302 with a max of 5000 miles per year. Classic car specialist, first class service and they know all about cars. We can now drive the car knowing that the £5k plus restorations costs are fully covered. Just got to fit the new cooling fan this weekend (Ford wanted £249 for a new fan we purchase from onlinecarparts for £88 include shipment by UPS from Germany) Keith
  15. Keith Whitbread

    Mk5 Solar Project

    Hi All just found how to post pics! just got to find how to make smaller Rebuild one to follow later 20 Plus? Keith