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  1. If I didnt already have 3 other cars I would have love to have kept it. Im happy that I got it back on the road after it sitting in the garage for so long and it will now get used. Its a lovely car and I think its gone to the right owner
  2. I finally got the sill cover sorted, the plastic cover was still in good condition so i got a piece of galvanised steel cut to shape and glued it to cover and got it fitted. The car has now been sold and should be getting picked up this week. If I had the space I would have loved to have kept it but its going to a good home, it had been in my family for 21 years, I hope it stays with the next owner for a long time. Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr Untitled by Steve Holden, on Fli
  3. I bid up to £100, Couldn't really afford more than that, I think I'll be repairing what I have
  4. Cheers, yeah the 640’s really finish off the front end. Thanks for the link! I’ll have a bid, cheers!
  5. Its mot'd and back. I've moved house in the time its been away, I still need to sort out the 90 spec sill cover on the drivers side, it also needs a new battery which I'll get this week. Im not happy with the new front number plate, so need to order one in the original older style font, it needs detailing too but apart from that its pretty much ready to be used, just in time for autumn! Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr
  6. These came in the post today, ones mint, the other has a few tiny rust marks but isnt too bad, overall im really pleased, cant wait to see them on the car Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr
  7. I'll be honest, I don't know much about Fords, just did a google search for the 4 spoke RS steering wheel, its awesome! I think it'll be staying stock for now, I'm guessing the bill from the garage is going going to be quite big! Cheers
  8. Yes I managed to get some a few months ago for £41, I was pleased with that I went to see the car last night, the garage has done the cambelt, replaced the water pump, and replaced a few brake hoses. They've got a few more things to do but they're working on it between other jobs. Its getting there
  9. Also won a pair of Carello 640's on eBay last night, hopefully they're as good as the seller says.
  10. Got the lock fitted last week and dropped the car off at the garage this morning, fingers crossed it passes its MOT Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr
  11. Im guessing its Radiant red, so will order a touchup stick. Also my lock arrived, will get pics when its fitted, its booked in on the 20th for the cambelt and any other little bits that need doing, cant wait to drive it
  12. I've been trying to find these for ages but never have done. The plastic outer part of ours is ok but the metal insert is rotten, I'm looking to get this remade, will let you know how I get on
  13. Cheers guys, I can’t wait to get it it in the road. Any ideas on what the colour is? Cheers
  14. Hi all, I've finally started work on my mums XR3I Cabriolet. Mum got the car in '98 and only used it on nice days, then unfortunately someone tried breaking into the car in '01, luckily they couldnt get in, but mum got paranoid and took it off the road. Its been in dry storage since then, its only covered just under 43k. The plan was to get it back on the road and for my mum to use it but shes not interested anymore so it might be for sale, but the more I look at it and do things to it I'd like to keep it myself Heres a few pics, Untitled by Steve Holden, on Flickr Untitled b
  15. Hi RScab, sorry I didnt make myself clear, the actual sill of the car is solid, its the metal in the 90 spec trim piece thats rotten. To be honest I've not had a proper look at it, im just going off what my dad told me
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