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  1. Dazrsturbo

    Rear Bumper trim

    I just got my red bumper insert from Edgware motor rubber and trim, perfect product and great service
  2. Dazrsturbo

    Mk4 xr3i mfi bad running

    I don’t I’m afraid how can I tell if the metering unit is sticking?
  3. Dazrsturbo

    Mk4 xr3i mfi bad running

    Checked for leaks but couldn’t find aything. When the engine gets warm it starts to drop rpm and stalls
  4. Dazrsturbo

    Mk4 xr3i mfi bad running

    Got a problem with my 89 xr3i cab. 1.6 mfi . I think it’s running rich and it seems to not be getting enough air. If I pull the vacuum pipe off where the cold start valve is on the inlet manifold it runs a lot better due to sucking in more air. Anyone know what could be causing this please and how to resolve. Thanks!
  5. Dazrsturbo

    Electric aerial wiring

    I have this exact issue with mine. No power in red cable but the other cable has power when headunit switched on
  6. Dazrsturbo

    Wiring plug whats it for??

    Hi all found this plug behind the stereo on my 89 cab. Anyone know what its for ?? Any help would be ace
  7. Amazing.good work! Can't wait to see it come together
  8. Where on earth did you find all those nos parts!
  9. Dazrsturbo

    Exhaust Backbox Help

    thanks for the help glewy!! i shall get one of these then, as mine is currently backboxless lol
  10. Dazrsturbo

    Exhaust Backbox Help

    hi all im halfway through doing my mk4 cab project which im going to do a thread on very soon, I am looking a finding a standard backbox for it but all i can find is the efi one listed and mine is a mfi is there much difference?? any help would be great!
  11. Dazrsturbo

    My Mk4

    Lovely looking car mate.