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  1. Sounds like the hinge pins could be worn or the latch needs adjustment
  2. Thanks dude im happy with it, going to do a few jobs over the winter too
  3. hi all iv been a member here for a while now but not got round to saying hi and showing my cabby. i bought the car as a project a few years ago and have slowly been geting it sorted and back on the road. It had been in storage for a while before i got it and was in abit of a state, the whole car was covered in green gunk and moss all over. after doing some bodywork, a full respray and fitting some new parts shes finally finished. all work was carried out by myself. today she flew through the MOT and is ready for the shows next year.
  4. Just checked this out and what a great site
  5. My 1.6 xr3i mfi won’t run. It starts and idles high as if the auto choke is running, it then drops down to just under 1000 then dies and it’s unable to start again at all. What could be causing this?
  6. Yep I deffo have one il have to find it up wen next over at the garage which I’ll be Thursday. I struggled to find these bits when I needed some for my cab there pretty rare to find
  7. Post a pic up of the part you need and il have a look
  8. What side do you need as I may have a spare
  9. Got the old girl going now. Was the warm up reg which was the culprit
  10. I just got my red bumper insert from Edgware motor rubber and trim, perfect product and great service
  11. I don’t I’m afraid how can I tell if the metering unit is sticking?
  12. Checked for leaks but couldn’t find aything. When the engine gets warm it starts to drop rpm and stalls
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