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    trying to rebuild my 1988 mk3/4 cabriolet..like to travel when i can afford it clubbing meeting with friends and playing on ps3...

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  1. hello got an efi had many of sleepless nights trying to sort it out, just a quick question have you got your gearbox cover on? if not your flywheel might be too dirt for the crank sensor to get a good reading, or if it is on take it off and have a look at the flywheel and maybe use some iron wool to clean it a little might help Kind regards Mike.
  2. Yes mine were order from east kent trim, along with A pilliar rubbers which were less then great! its not even holding just seems to be running striagth down and into the car..
  3. Hello guys/gals I've recently had my cab painted she came back looking fresh and the old rubbers were looking worse for wear so i thought why not buy a set of new, so got on ebay bought a new set installed them went back to the car after it had been raining all day and the driverside footwell dry result but then i look at passngerside and saw a puddle, so i thought maybe i swop the rubbers around(no real logic i know!) so i did. Went back the following day and both sides had puddles, its at the same point instead of the water running down and go out through the first drainage point in the
  4. cool well if mines out of the body shop and put back together in will try get myself down there
  5. im from cardiff amd my pride and joy is a mk4 cab,
  6. http://www.escortcabrioletclub.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/23956-new-mohair-hoodwhy-the-price-difference/hope this helps
  7. no heat from heater hmm cant remember if they say thats a sign of a head gasket problem is it wet around the passenger footwell
  8. life saver!! pack em up give us the bill and hopefully i can get this car to a state of running and road legalness!!
  9. thank you so i can take it off!!! just got loads of messing about !!!
  10. yeh i think i just need the fan pipes for now not sure about the accum yet hmm do you have the spare fuel pipes bit for in the engine bay?
  11. ever get the feeling sometimes your in over your head im getting this feeling not sure i have the 2 rubbers grommets,,, and pipes might have to be changed maybe this is why the engine has been struggling
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