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  1. badger

    Coolant over pressurising

    i had this once and it was down to an air lock in the engines water system but that was on a zetec we cured it by just running the engine on a very steep slope. might be worth a go
  2. badger

    Mk6 Brakes

    standard upgrades are common, bigger brakes or better pads and drilled and grooved discs along with braided hose lines will all improve this and should be easy to find on ebay/internet
  3. badger

    Site moderators required

    I go on the site nearly ever day as its my homepage and as long as its not hours and hours a week I can fit it in
  4. badger

    Site moderators required

    hi bud maybe I can help with this?? I have no idea what to do but wouldn't mind learning and it'll keep me closely tied to the club now im stepping down as club coordinator
  5. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    hi guys I'm rammed with darts and won't be attending many shows this year including this one (that's if I make any) I have also stepped down as club coordinator due to this. I wish all my friends on the club all the best and I'm still going to be on the site and enjoying the cab as and when I can. see you all soon ian
  6. badger

    Hello, I Am New :-)

    welcome iain hopefully someone will know of its where abouts why not try joining our facebook page as well and putting it on there
  7. badger

    Mk3/4 Tonneau Cover

  8. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    a great day with 1 or 2 new members and quite a bit of interest from non members
  9. badger

    Replacement Aerial

    I got a good second hand one from Dwayne on here
  10. badger

    Mk3/4 Tonneau Cover

  11. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    yes sue see you there
  12. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    ok so we will meet at beaulieu at 8-00 in the car park as I'm staying in sway
  13. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    hi guys what time and where are the meet up points
  14. badger

    Event: Simply Ford

    looking forward to it i'll sort out where I'm staying and meet you in the morning somewhere.
  15. badger

    Roof Renewal

    hi Paul I haven't fitted one myself but did watch the guys from southend fit mine and it didn't look that bad (I'd do it myself if I needed another) they used a tin of contact glue the hood comes pretty much marked out and once you remove the old one you can see where it all goes I think the worst bit looked like getting the cable around the back in and right so it looks good (they knocked it in with a plastic dolly). I'm sure there must be people on here that have fitted one and they will help guide you in the right direction