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  1. hi guys and gals as with most people on here we havn't got much to do, so next weekend i'm off into the loft for a clear out and i know i have a complete mk4 cabriolet interior from a 1.6 ghia in fawn/brown plasctics i know they also used the plastics in the 87 all white cabriolet. i certainly would never fit this back in my car so will be getting rid of it ever in a skip or to a fellow escortian for free (as long as you collect) i know that collection will not happen soon so happy to store in my garage untill such a time. but as soon as the all clear is sounded it'll need to go either way. please feel free to contact me by messenger if your intrested i can't be doing with selling sites and would rather someone made use of it.
  2. when I had the mk6 that's what I done it was great as an all rounder and I wasn't bothered about leaving it anywhere
  3. well its the new year what have you got planned for this year (I'm not saying your gonna get it done) but planned is the start. I personally have a clutch to put in coilovers and a set of weber 45s to fit along with the stand alone ecu to run them. i'll try to do them early so to enjoy the long hot summer were gonna have lol.
  4. i had this once and it was down to an air lock in the engines water system but that was on a zetec we cured it by just running the engine on a very steep slope. might be worth a go
  5. standard upgrades are common, bigger brakes or better pads and drilled and grooved discs along with braided hose lines will all improve this and should be easy to find on ebay/internet
  6. I go on the site nearly ever day as its my homepage and as long as its not hours and hours a week I can fit it in
  7. hi bud maybe I can help with this?? I have no idea what to do but wouldn't mind learning and it'll keep me closely tied to the club now im stepping down as club coordinator
  8. hi guys I'm rammed with darts and won't be attending many shows this year including this one (that's if I make any) I have also stepped down as club coordinator due to this. I wish all my friends on the club all the best and I'm still going to be on the site and enjoying the cab as and when I can. see you all soon ian
  9. welcome iain hopefully someone will know of its where abouts why not try joining our facebook page as well and putting it on there
  11. a great day with 1 or 2 new members and quite a bit of interest from non members
  12. I got a good second hand one from Dwayne on here
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