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  1. Nick Barnes

    Tonneau cover

    Hi I have a 1997 Cab that I am restoring it has a Grey Tonneau cover, to cover the roof when it is folded down, I am looking for a Black one that is in VGC ? I read somewhere that these only came with the leather interior models that mine has got ? Has anyone got one that they want to sell ? I live in Holland so it will have to be posted to me, if you have one please email me with pics and a price please : nickinholland@hotmail.co.uk
  2. Nick Barnes


    My Tonneau cover is a Grey / Black colour ( maybe faded over the years ) I want to make it Black ? Any ideas what to use ? I cant use paint because it will crack when folded ? and a leather Dye will not penetrate the Vinyl ? it just wipes off. Has any one done this ? and what did you use ? Or it means I need to find a new Black cover for a MkVII ( 1997 )
  3. Nick Barnes

    tonneau cover

    My tonneau cover for the roof when folded down is not BLACK its a greyish / black is there a product that I can use that will dye it so it's True Black ? its made of vinyl so a normal fabric dye would work ? I cannot use paint as it needs to be flexible ?. I see vinyl sprays advertised has anyone used them ? which one ? and what were the results ?
  4. Nick Barnes

    Wind Deflector

    Found some at a ship / boat supplies
  5. Nick Barnes

    Wind Deflector

    Hi all, Just a question has anyone got a Wind Deflector off of a MK6 / MK7 that is damaged or they don't need ? I'm looking for the 4 double press studs that fix onto the rear seats and then the toeneau cover fits on to them when the roofs down. I have both covers but some of the press studs don't fit properly anymore on the wind deflector I live in Holland but postage will not be a problem as they are only light and can be sent a letter post rate Cheers All
  6. Nick Barnes

    Rear Bumper trim

    Thanks for the comments in the end I took out the red trim and bought some 18mm Black plastic tape, covered it and reinstalled it, all is good now
  7. Nick Barnes

    Replacing A Zetec Water Temp Sender Unit

    Hmm Im confused there is a sender unit on the thermostat housing ( as you describe ) normally with a black or grey top, ?? ( replaced mine with a grey top as the old one had a grey top ) Does this send the coolant temperature information to the gauge in the car dash ? Or is it the sensor unit that is located on the front of the engine block near the bottom ? ( mine is a left hand drive and sits on the bottom half of the block, on the right hand side of the exhaust manifold looking from the front ) So I think I have the wrong sensor somewhere I've ordered a new front engine block sensor, Which I was told by Ford is OEM No. 6196668 and that sends the coolant temperature information to the car gauge not the sensor on the thermostat housing ? WHICH sensor ( sender ) does what ? Does one do the gauge and one go to the ECU ? why are there 2 sensors that people are telling me to do the same job ? If you read my post regarding this, my car is now always showing the temperature almost in the red on the car gauge ( since doing a system drain due to a head gasket replacement) although she does not seem to overheat or loose coolant ? There is also another thermostatic sensor for operating the electrical fan ( that seems to work correctly ) near the top of the radiator in the top hose, I have also replaced this just in case this was faulty, but again have been told there are different types ? mine had a red top but not sure if this is also correct it may have been replaced in the past incorrectly ? CONFUSED.COM
  8. Nick Barnes

    Cutch "grabbing "

    Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.6 16 Valve 1997, I had a new clutch plate and thrust bearing replaced at a garage a few months ago due to the clutch starting slipping, since the repair, the car when its in slow moving traffic and you're releasing the clutch it "grabs" and is not smooth unless you increase the revs to more than normal ? also sometimes when you try to put the car in reverse while standing still ii does not always select reverse and you have to depress the clutch pedal again and reselect reverse to get it to engage ? Was it an installation problem or what could be the cause ? someone said it could have oil or grease on the clutch plate ? should the garage take it apart again and re-install it or could it be another problem. I tried adjusting the clutch pedal height but this did not change anything Your thoughts please
  9. Nick Barnes

    Rear Bumper trim

    Haha getting confused.com I looked on google and the ones that looked like mine said Mk 4 ? so I was right the first time it's a Mk 5 or 6 ? the one in the picture is the one I need the insert for Black instead of Red Checked Ebay but could not see any listed Thanks for your message
  10. Nick Barnes

    Rear Bumper trim

    Hi Ian the rear bumper is off another car ( my car is a MK VII ) all I know is it will be a Mk 4 so pre 1995 ? See pic below https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvEDmCzeU9eez0fJnBe2mZXrc2BZ
  11. Nick Barnes

    Rear Bumper trim

    Sorry my mistake its a MK 4 Bumper insert
  12. Nick Barnes

    Rear Bumper trim

    Hi Guys I am looking for the BLACK trim piece that goes into the rear bumper of a Mk 5 Escort ? Has any one got one or anyone know who sells them ? I'm in Holland but shipping would not be an issue Nick
  13. Nick Barnes

    Temperature Gauge sender sensor

    Thanks Paul The trouble with replacing like for like is that maybe someone in the past put the wrong one in ? I managed to find the OEM No. so now I can get the correct part.
  14. Hi I have a 1997 1.6 16 valve Cab. My coolant / water gauge in the car used to work intermittently sometimes ? but never went up high, ( above the N in NORMAL ) Recently I changed the coolant and sensor at the bottom / front of the engine ( near the exhaust manifold ) Now the temperature gauge works fine all the time, BUT it shows the temperature as almost in the RED ? ( on the A in the word NORMAL ) There does not seem to be any overheating issues and she does not lose coolant. It is worrying to see the gauge this high. Is this normal ? Should I worry ? Have I got the wrong sender ? Are there different types giving different results on the gauge ? Has anyone got the OEM No. for this part that controls the in car coolant GAUGE ? There are lots of coolant sensors for my car listed some with grey tops some with black tops I think these are the ones that go in the thermostat housing though ? Not the engine block at the front or have I got it wrong ?
  15. Nick Barnes

    Have I done something wrong ?

    I dont know how its connected to what I did and why she ran so bad after I did the Head gasket work ? but I changed the Mass Air Flow Unit, as an after thought and just in case, after changing all the above sensors ect. and Hey Presto shes runnning the best she has