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  1. Hi Ollie and everyone we are back now having done over 2400 miles, and all the driving up and down the mountains caused Skippy's wheels nearly to come off down the Alps, we caught the loosened bolts just in time! ha!. I thought it was something terminal and that he would be coming home on a trailer, but it was sort of good that it was just his wheel bolts. Was a great trip and thanks to Karen for navigating through some very challenging areas. We went round the Monaco circuit a couple of times which was absolutely brilliant. On the way down to Monaco we visited the Millau Bridge, then
  2. There is a car show at the Trinity Park Suffolk Show Ground near Ipswich on Sunday 24th August. Ollie suggested that I put up a post to see if anyone else is interested. It is a NASC show, but it has a retro section and they said we could attend. The entry is £10 per car and more details are on the following link. A few of us are intending on meeting at the Shepherd and Dog pub car park which is on the old Felixstowe Road at 9am Sunday, so if anyone else is interested and wants to join us please let me know. I can be contacted on 07759 740342. Thanks Avril http://www.rodandcustom.co.
  3. still got a problem with the uploader so here are some more!
  4. I had a problem with the upload so here's are some others
  5. Hi All, Here are somemore piccies of the Simply Ford Show last weekend. It was one of the best weekends and great fun driving about in convoy! ha!
  6. hi Tony, there is a guy in Suffolk who did Skippy's roof and its now over 10years old and still going well. That might be a bit far for you though. http://www.creaseycartrimmers.co.uk/page3.htm Thanks Avril
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