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    Mk6 Calypso

    well i brought the mk6 back in the garage to make a start after trying everything to get the front wheels off . i did wanna try and save them after trying everything to remove the seized nuts . i managed to round 1 off on the nearside and 3 off on the offside had top of the range nut guns /air guns and special nut removal tools and 3 different people that thought they may be able to remove them :>) well in the end good old fashion hole cutter and big hammer done the trick wheels are finally off and fit for the scrap man :>( had sold them a few months ago for £100 aswell lol onwards an upwards got a set of rs15s to o on them as a rolling project just for the pre mot to see how bad it really is before i start any work on it will keep you all updated
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    Event: Simply Ford

    Here are some snaps of us parked up in formation:
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    Event: Classic Ford Show

    Booked mine
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    Reckon we should have an unveiling ceremony when its done den :>)
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    Event: Simply Ford

    Just to let everyone no they have confirmed a space for us so turn up and pay on the day and mention the escort cabriolet club and they will send you in the right direction to find ian ?
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    Coolant over pressurising

    Evening people, Well after a lot of testing and mucking about it turns out it was the heater matrix. It was blocked with only a slight flow of water passing through.
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    Site moderators required

    Hi guys with the launch of our new site and still ironing out the bugs we have 2 available positions for site moderators main responsibilities will be to make sure that the site / forums is spring cleaned every now and then with old unwanted posts being removed or closed depending on there purpose in the 1st place. helping members with forum issues etc etc idealy any one that knows Invision forums would be great however if not it’s not that hard to learn lets start to make the club great again