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  1. 1984 cvh engines cannot run on unleaded petrol , I use Millers VSPe power plus additive with unleaded petrol one of the very few additives endorsed by the FBHVC federation british historic vehicle clubs and I have no problems what so ever, but my cab is my toy and only does sunny weekends miles.
  2. chaz


    Welcome mate cab looks clean can't see it needing much work
  3. Welcome mate , looks like another mk 3 on the mend
  4. Good to have a new ticket , well done mate
  5. Very very nice , much prefer this colour
  6. chaz

    Escort Tennis

    Welcome to the club , post some pics when you can
  7. green is not my favourite colour but I like it ,it looks real good.
  8. chaz

    New Member

    Cab looks good ,welcome to the club
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