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  1. Ian71

    Hi just new on site. My mk3 cab

    Just bought my third cab, hope it looks as good as yours when finished.
  2. Ian71

    Hi just new on site. My mk3 cab

    Welcome, good to see another one saved. Top work.
  3. Ian71


    Try rs turbo breakers in Bournemouth , they sell replacement body panels, unsure if they do mk6, but give Ian a call.
  4. Ian71

    MK3 Escort S1 look cabbie

    One on eBay for £4250, needs finishing tho
  5. Ian71

    MK3 Escort S1 look cabbie

    Nice collection, not many of them around, if one comes up for sale I would guess would still be running standard engine, expect to pay around 7 k
  6. Ian71

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    Collected a couple of rear arch repair panels over the weekend, hope to start work soon.
  7. Ian71

    1990 h plate xr3i cabrio restoration

    Down to you, original factory spec cars worth more money, but its your car and you want it the way you want it.
  8. Ian71

    1990 h plate xr3i cabrio restoration

    Looks, half modded already, I have just bought another and gonna modify it, saying that I do have nice original tennis I owned for sixteen years.
  9. Ian71

    Tennis Fuel Problem

    I have had problems with earths to car body, worth checking ?
  10. Ian71

    Tennis Fuel Problem

    Steve I have have a tennis , but feel helpless as I have not had these problems, but I will ask ask a old school ford mechanic tomorrow to see if he knows anything.
  11. Ian71

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    Thanks den,still ordering a few panels m8.
  12. Ian71

    Clutch Issues.

    I have been trying to buy all new front end suspension and joints ,that’s interesting you had to source from Germany . ( mk4 escort rs turbo)
  13. Ian71

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    Yea agree m8, and your colour, but I think white suites the body kit better
  14. Ian71

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    Yea, I guess it’s got broken over the years, don’t mind it as is it to be honest, got a bit of work ahead but should be worth it.
  15. Ian71

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    It looks better in the pictures than it actually is, quite a bit of welding required around arches and sills. Plan is to fit my replacement turbo engine in after all bodywork and underside works are done.