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  1. Ian71

    What car would you ?

    A 4x4 escort cab on a Sierra chassis running big cossie power
  2. Ian71

    Mk3/4 rear lamp gaskets

    Mk4 gaskets still seem to come up on eBay quite often, not sure if mk3 are the same tho. Good luck.
  3. Is it the roof pump in the boot, is it leaking on the plastic bit on the end of the pump ?  If so could try vw dealers I am told it’s the same pump as golf cars ,they seem to have more parts than ford , failing that look for second hand pump on eBay, normally from £75 upwards

  4. Ian71

    Event: Fiesta In The Park

    Here're a couple of photos: Anyone catch any pics of that Lancaster bomber? 'Was so low I was worried the ice cream would get knocked off my cone...
  5. Ian71

    Mk5a immobiliser help?

    Is it turning over now then ? Can you here the fuel pump prime ? If so take a spark plug out to see if you have a spark when turning over.
  6. Ian71

    Coolant over pressurising

    That’s one to remember lee, glad you got it sorted.
  7. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    It was hot,I got panda eyes with my glasses on all day, I was first person in the show ground, problem, they lost our stand so I had 300 cars queuing behind me, it took 20 mins to sort out, luckily we ended with the best stand besides the main arena ,it was so busy I never left the stand all day, did not even get round other stands, it realy enjoyable,was drained when I was almost the last to leave.
  8. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    Thanks Paul, I did Ollie about wher to put them as I could not find gallery that we had on previous site.
  9. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    Here are some snaps of us parked up in formation:
  10. Ian71

    Where does your temperature guage needle sit?

    They vary car to car, but if it is constant in that position it’s fine. I have four cars with the same engine and they are all different.
  11. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    Jon and Craig , ollies m8s, the other three are on the post.
  12. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    A week to go till this show, we have six going at present with possibly one or two more maybes.
  13. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    Sorry should read come and join us lol
  14. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    No, one and join us, it’s pay on the gate on the day,approx 12 quid per person in a ford car, you will be made to feel welcome. Regards Ian.
  15. Ian71

    Event: Simply Ford

    That’s great, see you there. Regards Ian.