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  1. Ian71

    Hydraulic Ram Seals

    Am unsure m8, have never had to do anything to them on my two cabs, only the pumps..
  2. Ian71

    My all blue destined for ebay

    Sounds a good one, good luck.
  3. Ian71

    My all blue destined for ebay

    Put an advert on here in classified m8
  4. Ian71

    My all blue destined for ebay

    Why ? ,you looking for another project ?
  5. Ian71

    Event: Ford Fair

    Just booked my ticket with Kelsey publishing
  6. Ian71

    Event: Classic Ford Show

    Thanks to all that attended today, hope you enjoyed the show in the sun.
  7. Great idea stepeo have heard from a local lad up there it’s a great show on the seafront. Not sure how many members we have in that area, but good luck with the post.

  8. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    Yea, nice guy , you can always pop over mine and have a drive in the fiesta.
  9. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    Who do you know ? Come on over and meet up
  10. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    Yea go normally between March and sept, don’t bother to much in winter, I tend to do shows with both clubs sometimes like classic ford this Sunday will take two and put one on each stand
  11. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    No, got Mercury grey rs turbo, fiesta rs turbo tennis cabby and a mk5 runaround cabby
  12. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    Yes, rs owners at polhill arms ,renhold, 3rd Monday of the month, no cab local meeets tho.
  13. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    I live in Bedfordshire as well,flitwick, I do most shows. I think Uxbridge still has tickets, the all ford show at battlesbridge is a good one to. Where in beds do you live ?
  14. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    Fordfair at silverstone is the biggest show of the year,over 20 thousand people, need to buy ticket through kelsey publishing, see link bottom of page of events coming up.
  15. Ian71

    Roll bar lights

    What part of the country do you live Kevin ?