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  1. Because its a tennis, in some ways I wished I had put a green one on.
  2. White roofs are a problem, had mine done 3 years ago and it’s nightmare to try and keep clean. The old one had been on for 20 years, no rips but dirty, I even tried bleaching it lol !
  3. What a twat, these people think Mercs, bmw, and Audi are superior, most wont last 30 years like cabs and certainly won’t be worth any more
  4. Just a note to confirm i will be attending this show, and any new or existing members are welcome to join me. Two other members are also attending if cars are ok by then. We would normally have more but two other shows are on the same day this year. Regards Ian.
  5. Lee and james said they wanted 4 ? perhaps thats not the case now.
  6. Hi there No the vibration is under drive its fine when breaking. thanks for the tip on the seatbelts.

  7. There is a few mk3 braking on eBay or facebook spares at present
  8. Sad,shame you did not keep it.
  9. Ian71

    Log book

    Yea, you probably right,if it’s got side mouldings in red that normally means xr3i
  10. Plenty of mk4 car being broken at present
  11. Ian71

    Log book

    No,may be down to the dealer who registered it, some put 1.6i on instead of xr3i, has it got red mouldings on the side of the car .?
  12. Ian71

    Seat belts

    You can fit an isofix bracket for small babies and little ones, using mk2 focus bracket screws strait in. Ollie did put a post on here somewhere. Is vibration when braking as discs often warp
  13. Cabs are not like three doors, they are more like an estate chassis,hence that’s why the sills off a three door xr3i or rs turbo don’t fit.
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