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  1. Ian71

    SHOW SEASON 2019

    I think it is going to be a season of change with most of our normal shows either being replaced with venue or finished altogether ( I.e battlesbridge) hope we can get some show dates up very soon.
  2. Hi den, rear arches mainly, and a few other little patches to weld. Engine out . Repaint all car and fit turbo engine and wiring. Not much really lol
  3. Ian71

    Escort Cabby

    East Kent trim have re-produced them
  4. Hope to get some work started on the mk4 xr3i cab soon, got most bits stripped but not got the angle grinder/cutter on it yet.
  5. Ian71

    Hello, I'm new

    Welcome to the cab club, look forward to seeing pictures of your cabby.
  6. Ian71

    An extra Inch!!

    Had the same on my mk5 when i got it. If its vinyl i think it may have shrunk, mine did. I tried everything but ended up buying a complete second hand roof for £120 in the end. (mohair this time)
  7. Ian71

    brands hatch breaker

    One of our members around Newcastle area breaks them, his name on here is maido his name is Dwayne .
  8. Ian71

    Xr3i to fiesta turbo

    This is no longer a cheap upgrade, second parts have gone through the roof. Second hand fiesta engines start at approx four hundred pounds,most will need a rebuild, pistons alone cost £500 -£1,000.00 . A recent rebuilt engine sold for £1,800.00 , a turbo will cost £500.00 engine management is expensive to. Sorry to sound defeatist but this now the norm. A cheaper upgrade may be fit a two litre Zetec from a mondeo am sure you can buy a new crated engine for £1,000.00 ish and will give you 150 bhp if mated to good exhaust and induction kit and no need to run a turbo.
  9. Ian71

    Hello, I am new.

    Welcome to to cab club, nice looking car, put some more pictures on.
  10. Hi Ian, 

    I was wondering if you would be able to help my mum and I. 

    Basically because of the wind my mums ford escort cabriolets electric aerial has broken. Do you know where we could buy a new one? Or do you know of someone who knows where to purchase/ repair one? 

    Francesca Whitbread 

  11. Ian71

    D500 HBX

    Will post some pics when we get the welder out
  12. Ian71

    D500 HBX

    Looks like the one I just bought, starting striping mine to,got bad rust behind them side skirts
  13. Ian71

    D500 HBX

    Put some pictures on m8.
  14. Ian71

    Rear Bumper trim

    No,don’t see them to often, may have to buy a cheap second bumper and remove the trim, it’s not easy to get them out and put them in spot on either. Good luck
  15. Ian71

    Rear Bumper trim

    Thats not a mk4 in the picture its a mk5a or a mk6 , mk4 is from 1986-1990 trims are totally differant. If its a mk4 86-90 rear black trim you want a guy on ebay sells them.