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  1. Hi all, I know this is short notice, I have a spare stand space at the Kimbolton show tomorrow. If anyone would like to go, please give me a shout. Regards, Rob.
  2. Doyle 4-5

    Escort cabriolet full tonneau fitting

    Did you get the carbon rods that support the middle with the fitting kit? They make all the difference. Especially when the cover isn't fitted over the front seats.
  3. Sorry I'm out of the country next week, otherwise I would of put mine forward.
  4. Doyle 4-5

    Power roof pump

    My Si is a 93' mk5b and the reservoir I used is from a 95' Golf. The only difference between the Ford and the VW item, is the VW reservoir holds a greater volume of fluid and is therefore a little deeper (horizontally). Fitment wise it's the same. I assume your car is a mk5/mk6? If so, all the pumps were the same. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Doyle 4-5

    Power roof pump

    VW Golf reservoirs also fit and I believe they are still available from VW dealers. My Si is using a Golf reservoir and it's an identical fit.
  6. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Thankfully not. It does explain why the screens a bit smeary though!
  7. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    The only explanation I can come up with is, it had a replacement engine last year and someone has used as a temporary fuel tank whilst testing. I can't think of any other reason why......
  8. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Nah, definitely the washer pump........ Located at the back and filled via the big round flappy thing on the side of the car??
  9. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    I've come across some odd things on cars or done to cars over the years, but todays discovery tops the lot. The washer pump on my Si has packed up and it's in for it's MOT next week, so decided to nick the pump off the Mistral. Removed the pump from the Mistral and placed a bowl under the car to catch the fluid. Fitted the pump to the Si. Walked back into the garage to be greeting by a strong smell of Petrol. Looked around the back of the Escort and my Capri for leaks - nothing. Went to the front of the Escort, and low and behold..... some clown has filled the washer bottle with Petrol. Not a little bit either - nearly full!! I'm so pleased I noticed this after I have been grinding and welding in close proximity!
  10. Doyle 4-5

    New Cabbie

    A lot of people seem to be having issues with photobucket recently. All my pics are via PB links and I've not experienced an issue. Anyone know what the problem is?
  11. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Those pics are about 4 years old, but it looks no different now. It's only cover 45k miles and is unrestored.
  12. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    If I get a chance over the weekend, the carpet is getting jet washed. It's only been sat in my garage for a few days and it's already making the place smell like an ashtray!
  13. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    I started stripping the Mistral down today to see what I've got to work with and if it's worth saving. I knew when I bought it that the bottom of the front wings have gone and there were blisters on each of the sills. Someone has carried out a pretty poor repair on the sills. Basically a patch barely welded and held in place with filler. Removed it all with my hand. Looking through the hole it left, the inners look ok. Stripped the disgustingly filthy interior and removed the soggy carpets to get a look at the floors and inner sills. These are thankfully solid and surprisingly clean. Hopefully the soggy carpets are the result of some numpty running additional stereo cabling from the engine bay around the outside of the A pillars and under the door seals. The engine bay is clean and battery tray are ok. On the whole, I think it can be turned around.
  14. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Don't worry. Fixed it.
  15. Doyle 4-5

    Mk5B Mistral Saved From The Scrapman

    Thanks. It's certainly well loved and will never leave me.