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  1. gingergman

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    the one above looks like azure blue
  2. gingergman

    Mk4 Mfi Fuel Tank

    theres a few variations on tanks
  3. gingergman

    Escort Cab Xr3I / 1.6I Whats The Difference.

    some are xr3i some 1.6i on the log book, led to believe it was for insurance purposes. not sure on the numbers but i imagine more were registered as xr3i
  4. gingergman

    Escort Cab Xr3I / 1.6I Whats The Difference.

    there exactly the same car, engine and interior wise. it wouldnt of had xr3i badges on it though so they have been added on.
  5. gingergman

    My Mums '90 Xr3I Cabriolet

    looks stunning! the only thing you'll struggle with is the sill cover, never personally seen a set for sale over the years, extremely rare, would be easier to remove the other side and clean underneath and leave them off, not many had that type fitted from new so no one will know.
  6. gingergman

    New And Some Help Needed

    the frame is all connected with rubber straps etc and the rear window has straps from the window frame that attatch to that rear bar, so check there connected,
  7. gingergman

    Which Roof

    3/4/5 were vinyl
  8. gingergman

    Adjustment ?

    you can asjust the roof handles to pull it tighter, but dont over do it, they like to snap!
  9. i assume it needs to be a standard example?
  10. gingergman

    Any One Got A Set Of These Rims?

    very good price that mate, i thought upto 150 odd, cheap for ford fair auto jumble too!
  11. gingergman

    Any One Got A Set Of These Rims?

    Nice mate, what you pay for them? a ton or so?
  12. gingergman

    Flitwick Classic Car Show - Stand Photos

    was a good day, well done for arranging it
  13. gingergman

    Any One Got A Set Of These Rims?

    get them dipped mate then powder coated. ive only had one thing blasted and it ruined it,
  14. gingergman

    Where Is It Now P282Yfg

    On a sorn with the MOT only running out in April, so it's still about. You can get the owners details from the dvla for £2.50 with a v555 form but you need a good reason why (or a good lie)
  15. gingergman

    Monotone Auto Trader

    As nice as it is, it's not worth that. I think that was sold for around the 6k mark if it's the same one I'm thinking of, same colour low mileage with the same interior.