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  1. I’d be interested in a few bits if you decide to sell separately
  2. I’m booked with someone else now, didn’t wanna miss out on a ticket relying on this club
  3. This use to be the biggest show for the group each year! Can’t believe how quiet it’s all gone
  4. When’s the cut off date for booking this one? Anyone else planning on going? I don’t want to book it for it to go tits up!
  5. And who’s gunna be running it?
  6. When’s the deadline for booking this one?
  7. blimey! surprised to see this thread pop up after so long! il have to remember to show the wife the picture of her with the engine crane
  8. They don’t have a build number and more than 500 of them was made
  9. Wow looks really nice mate, white ones just do it for me!
  10. the one above looks like azure blue
  11. theres a few variations on tanks
  12. some are xr3i some 1.6i on the log book, led to believe it was for insurance purposes. not sure on the numbers but i imagine more were registered as xr3i
  13. there exactly the same car, engine and interior wise. it wouldnt of had xr3i badges on it though so they have been added on.
  14. looks stunning! the only thing you'll struggle with is the sill cover, never personally seen a set for sale over the years, extremely rare, would be easier to remove the other side and clean underneath and leave them off, not many had that type fitted from new so no one will know.
  15. the frame is all connected with rubber straps etc and the rear window has straps from the window frame that attatch to that rear bar, so check there connected,
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