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  1. I’ll be there. Not going to have time to give the cab a wash!
  2. Cheers Paul. Finally done it!
  3. Where is it? I need to add my name to events I’m attending.
  4. He’s happy to paint the bumpers but it’s a bit more involved than that mate. The back box will need to be replaced to fit the rear bumper, the indicators will need rewiring at the front as they’ll now be in the front bumper and the headlights might need some rewiring as well. I'll see how it goes, if it comes to it I might have to take it there just to get the bumpers fitted. I didn’t mind travelling to get the lot done but it’s a bit of a pain to just get the bumpers fitted.
  5. Can anyone recommend any body shops they’ve either used or know have a good reputation. Im in Erith so anything local-ish is preferable. Im after having front and rear bumpers fitted as well as Morette twin headlights and possibly bonnet vents, so not necessarily normal work.
  6. No I didn’t mate. I cant find the list of events either to see how many tickets are left.
  7. I’ve just bought my ticket. How do I add my name to the events system?
  8. I definitely can’t make this one.
  9. Sorry lads, I might have to make a late decision on this one as I’ll be having some bits done on the cab.
  10. That’s brilliant! Even better than when they come out of the factory.
  11. He’s now listed all 4 Cabs for £50k!
  12. Just realised the same seller had got FOUR Tennis cabs for sale. All saying they were prepared for various Wimbledon tennis players.
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