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  1. ah thankyou , i had a little look in the haynes manual (which i should have done fisrt) and realised it a lot easier than i expected..then looked up prices and theyre a lot cheaper also !! bonus.. thanks for your reply i appreciate the help..cheers Springy
  2. hi all my mk3 1.6 cabby just started to leak coolant inside the vehicle down by the clutch peddle seems yo be a bit damp with a drip at the bottom of thr heater box thers some screws that appear to hold a clear or opaque plastic section o to the heater box..it only drips after engine is stopped and lefy ovet night..heater is working fine..no overheating and coolant level not noticeably dropped...anyone had this issue before i start tearing it all apart? thanks in advance ...Springy☮❤

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    Escort 1.6 cvh cabriolet ...1984..mot..the body and interior of this beauty is all original and and completely standard ..it has done 70 thousand miles.. I have been through it with a fine tooth comb ... New cooling system New ignition sysyem Complete braking system New exhaust system ...not header Valve stem seals and hydraulics tappets.. Water pump and cam belt Starter motor Tyres Speakers (original size no mods ) Blaupunkt radio cassette period correct fully working ... Serviced twice a year regardless of miles.. Heavy duty battery Webber single port direct replacement carb ....manual choke In fact everything is as good as it can be for a non concourse car ...she drives beautifully and smoothly...she has minimal cvh smoke ...not enough to rsise an eyebrow at the mot.!@ Theres too much too list ive done all this work in the lasy 2 years and 400 miles .. Please contact me for any mote info she has to go to an enthusiast... 07905 036316 Paul (springy) Oh forgot i have FULL history every receipt service mot and spare since new .the original ford booklets the original bill of sale and the order from before it was first bought...EVERYTHING !!@ Struggling to upload pics but can email them to you ...


    Scunthorpe, South Humberside - GB


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    My spare engine .1.6 cvh 1986 was reconditioned around ten years ago and running in my mates kit car when he bought it he then put a redtop in so i bought it as a backup just in case .. It has a new cam belt and inside the rocker cover looks clean amd tidy..i domt think it had done any miles sonce the recon as the owner of tbe kit car ran out of time and cash and my buddy bougjt it and finished the project.. I turn engine once a month it has clean oil and good compression... As im sadlt selling my cabbie im hoping this can go to a good home ...cheets Springy (paul springthorpe) 07905 036316 please ask any questions ...


    Scunthorpe, South Humberside - GB

  5. Ok no idea how to put this in the classified bit , i am totally inept when it comes to I T ,, but i can strip and rebuild a V8 with my eyes shut !😊
  6. Hey RsCab thank you so much i don't know how you did that bit im pleased you did ..i'll have to put it in the classified bit .. thanks again that was such a kind helpful gesture ..cheets Paul (Springy)
  7. Pps i just thought there are a shed load of videos on my youtube channel of the escort and eveything ive done to her .. My youtubr channel is. springy2112 if anyone wants to look ..
  8. Ps there is no rust anywhere structure or body its in original paint ...it is completely stock ..not even so much as a furry dice !! I changed the full braking system cooling system ignition system tyres starter cambelt waterpump ...and valvestem seals and hydraulic lifters..and went through top end ...all parts were stock not mods ..i dud ditch the vv carb and put on a weber direct replacement but not a twin choke or anything upgraded a straight swap with standard air fiter housing... It even has the original ford hubcaps... The mot guy said its in better nick than when it was built !! Allowing for exagerration of course !! Ok need to get some pics...up ..somehow 😊
  9. Ok i will endeavour to get some pics up and a full description ...i dint think my photobucket account works anymore ..something to do with 3rd party hosting ? Any way just looking for a fair price .. I will get more specific info .... Thanks for the feedback..cheers.👍
  10. Hi im very sad to say we are going to have to part with my beloved Mk3 cabby.. I would like to ask if anyone knows a way to value it ..and where to advertise ..here is one obvious place of course.. Its a very rare 1984 B reg 1.6 cabriolet.. In loved condition... The last mot tester said its in better nick than when it left the karmann factory!@ Any advice would be much appreciated ..thank you..Paul (springy)
  11. Hello , I'm missing the weatherstrip under the bonnet finis code 6132237 but can't find a supplier any one help with ford parts suppliers... Also was there a felt insulation panel under the bonnet of a mk3 ? Cheers in advance !
  12. HI buddy my mate at work has a mk4 the same colour its lovely...bit more plush than my mk3 1984 1.6 , 😊looks like your going to have plenty of fun , I've had loads of help and information from here when sorting mine out .👍
  13. You could get a multimeter on the connector to the rear screen elect to see if power is getting that far. Assuming it's getting past the switch...and look for a break in the screen heater element itself ...on my mk3 the element is stuck on over the glass not sure if it's laminated in on later ones....
  14. Yep mine too ..was intermittent got new one and couldn't believe how quick it turned...you get used to a lazy starter as it gradually gets worse..
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