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  1. Really want to go but like Ian said, every year we're further away. Probably be in the car park this year lol.
  2. first thing I was going to suggest was lose the ngk plugs. When you see the difference between the Bosch fr6dcx plugs you will be surprised. And they really made a difference to mine. They're listed as a replacement in the mk3 fiesta Haynes manual for the xr2i cvh.
  3. had this with mine. Get rid of those NGK plugs and try BOSCH FR6DCX.
  4. panic over!! All booked. See you there
  5. I've just tried to book my ticket but it says the password is wrong....
  6. I'm definitely up for this one. Spoke to a guy at the museum a while ago about it.
  7. If the removal tools won't work or the old banging a socket on method then weld a bolt on to it. Always works and the heat helps but the wheel will probably need painting unless you're really lucky
  8. It will cover the bottom completely but the over riders are different so you can still tell it's 90 spec.
  9. Yes it can. You will need to trim the corners off the bit in the middle of the spoiler. Found this out when I done mine lol
  10. If you unplug the iscv does it still tick over around 750rpm? If not the "base idle" needs setting. There's a small screw on the left of the throttle body near the tps.
  11. Check the "end float" on the camshaft. Could be a worn thrust plate.
  12. They're usually readily available from motor factors. They don't always come with a gasket so make sure you ask.
  13. I had a hard pedal on my mk2 fiesta. Was told the calipers were the problem.
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