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  1. The boot lock on my cabby is broken doesn't open every time, have removed the locking hinge with the three bolts in the boot lid but cannot see how to remove the cylinder, does anyone know how you do this? Cannot see any further bolts
  2. didn't look very good as very rusty, I went for the option of filling in the holes and having it sprayed, cost me £320 though.
  3. check you have the correct gap on your plugs, just had this on mine and I had 08mm instead of 1.1 in it
  4. cheers pal, changed the plugs seems to be ok now, the plugs I took out were FR5DC, they have a gap of 0.8mm, FR6DCX have a 1.1mm gap, someone mis-described them on ebay, 4 years of jerking around has left me with the shakes though
  5. have adjusted the base idle as suggested, doesn't seem to be any better could be the idle speed compensator sensor, is there anywhere you can get these? thanks for your help
  6. yes potentiometer is on inner wing located iscv it is on the back of the drivers side suspension turret
  7. some time ago when I tried looking for the idle speed control valve, but believe there isn't one? theres a potentiometer, but have replaced this
  8. Car jerks a lot when trying to maintain a speed of around 20 to 30. 1.6 xr3i 86000 on the clock. Have replaced spark plugs, oil and filter, ht leads, cambelt, fuel filter, potentiometer. car runs ok in fourth gear doesn't happen then. Any ideas?
  9. yes please, car has been resprayed with the old ones removed, leaving the screw placements visible, was thinking that there must be some one out there who could make them, but expect it will be astronomical cost
  10. Does anyone know if you can get these anywhere still? had a full respray and the old ones were removed, I need something to go over where the old ones were situated, struggling online. They run from bottom of wheel arch to the other wheel arch right at the bottom. Is there anything similar that can be cut or used instead, it must look good.
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