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  1. Randall's xr3i

    Intermitent engine cut out

    Hi it seemed to be when the weather has been its hottest. The engine temp stays within normal range. Ive got a spare distributor with a new ignition module on, so will give that a go. Cheers
  2. Randall's xr3i

    Intermitent engine cut out

    cheers will give them a look hopefully one evening after work.
  3. Randall's xr3i

    Intermitent engine cut out

    Hi I have a intermittent problem with my1987 mk4 xr3i randomly cutting out at junctions or when slowing down. Its the 1.6 MFI engine. Starts fine from cold and when hot. Drives fine on motorway and smaller roads. when its about to cut out the rev counter starts dancing about, you can sometimes keep it running by pumping the throttle but get a couple of backfires, then its fine until next junction. if it does cut out leave it a minute then starts up fine. any ideas? Cheers Stuart
  4. Randall's xr3i

    Event: Simply Ford

    Was a great event . Thanks all for making us feel welcome . Hopefully see you all at another show .
  5. Randall's xr3i

    Where does your temperature guage needle sit?

    Hi mine turned out to be the thermostat playing about.
  6. Randall's xr3i

    Event: Simply Ford

    Hi I am coming, just need to print windscreen pass
  7. Hi, was wondering where peoples temp gauge needle sits once engine has warmed up and driving? Mine sits on or at the top of the "N". Its not been a problem just bothering me as I don't remember it sitting that high. Electric fan works fine, coolant right level.
  8. Randall's xr3i

    Event: Simply Ford

    Hi I have booked the tickets through beaulieu website. looking forward to the show
  9. Randall's xr3i

    Event: Simply Ford

    Hi, mine is an ongoing project, I went last year but was in the cmax, but fancy bringing the escort this year. do I book through the club to be on the club stand or pay on the day and still be on the stand?
  10. Randall's xr3i

    Event: Simply Ford

    Hi is the club having a stand here? cheers
  11. Randall's xr3i

    Bumper Insert And Body Mouldings

    Hi hoping someone could help me. Does anyone know whats the best restorer/cleaner to use on the red bumper insert? Or maybe replacement? Also same with the side body mouldings. Many thanks
  12. i am thinking of going, have heard about it before but have never gone.
  13. Randall's xr3i

    Help With Paint Code

    Hi I'm new to the site and have a 1987 xr3i. I'm trying to get a definite id on the paint colour. It's grey and has a code of what looks like QA7. Would anyone be able to help? Many thanks Stuart