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  1. zygott

    Stalling When Approaching Junctions

    if i unplug icv it stalls. changed base idle a bit and seems loads better. revs dropped a couple of times but not stalled.
  2. my 1990 cabby keeps randomly stalling. as i am braking for the lights/junction sometimes it stalls, others the revs drop low, (oil light comes on then goes out), other times its fine. can be when im on a dual carridge way, or round town. when the engine is hot, or after 5 mins of driving. have cleaned the ICV, then changed it for a spare and its still the same. any ideas? its an XR3i EFI, has aftermarket airfilter and sportex exhaust with 421 manifold on it. runs perfect just suddenly stalls when you put the clutch in. i can bump it while rolling and it kicks up straight away. (literally lift my foot off the clutch and press is straight back down and it will struggle to idle) just a quick blip of the throttle and its fine, its as if the car does not know its supposed to idle and when i blip the throttle it realises im idling and not driving so works fine,. if i manage to stop at the lights ok it will sit there and idle all day long, never stalls then, its only when i press the clutch. probably 6 out of 10 times it stalls. i now have to press the clutch then quickly blip the throttle before braking and it doesn't stall then, not good at 60 on a dual carriage way approaching lights/round about!
  3. passed details of this to a friend of mine, still trying to get him to join us.
  4. zygott

    Engine Commited Suicide!

    turns out whoever built the engine forgot to tighten up the con rod bolts on no2. that conrod exploded, killing the sump and block. both the sump bolts and con rod bolts were in finger tight!, and there was no bearing in there either! on a side note, what should the bolts look like, all the pictures i have seen show a normal bolt head, these ones look like a 12 point star head? they look the same as arp ones listed on burton's website, no idea if they are or not. cabby is back on the road now, has an xr3i efi engine in it, ofac parts are being sold. i will live with it standard. should realy have left it standard, car has only had 3 former keepers, got a history with it, 130k.
  5. zygott

    Engine Commited Suicide!

    engine started rattling on the m6, going through the roadworks, as i left them part of the engine decided they no longer wanted to be internal parts and the left the engine!
  6. zygott

    Poor Running Turbo Cabby Ofac

    all sorted. for some reason pins 8 and 27 where in the wrong place, they were set up for xr2i/xr3i and not turbo! moved them and it all good
  7. i had an electrical short, burnt most of the loom. got a fiesta ofac loom, joined the 7 wires to the main loom in the cabby, (efi so fairly easy job). now it runs, but if i press the accelerator all the way in it stalls, it wont rev over about 2000 rpm, if i pump the accelerator i can get it up to about 3k. any idea what is going on? was running great before the short.
  8. zygott

    Clutch Ratchet

    fitted a mk6 pedal, all is good now, just runs like a bag of crap. cant go over 2k revs, if i use full throttle is just dies! am completely lost now
  9. zygott

    Clutch Ratchet

    cant get the pedal to go back together, when its out its fine and adjusts, as soon as i put the assembly in place the paw is open and not taking up the slack, its moveing the clutch arm at the gearbox about 10-15 mm, what the hell am i doing wrong?
  10. zygott

    Clutch Ratchet

    loom sorted. fitted a fiesta OFAC engine loom, easy job, only has 7 wires to join to escort loom!, problem is back to clutch, i did the ratchet while dash was out, felt ok when i put it back together, but now the dash is in i can see its not adjusting so i cant get any gears. is there something im missing or has something gone wrong? when i put it together i saw if you pulled the pedal up it released the adjuster, now the pedal wont let me lift it.
  11. zygott

    Ofac Loom Into Efi Cabby

    damage is worse than i thought. loom to the relays in drivers foot-well has melted. main loom has a lot of burn marks and melted cables
  12. zygott

    Removing Flywheel

    piece of chain from manifold stud to clutch cover mounting stud works for me
  13. zygott

    Removing Flywheel

    i used a chain, attached to one of the manifold studs, the other end holds the fly wheel by using a bolt in one of the clutch plate mountings
  14. zygott

    Ofac Loom Into Efi Cabby

    took a gamble and bought the loom. got the plug on it so it should just plug into the main loom, hopefully. just got to get the car back off the insurance now. they say its not covered for fire damage as only the loom is damaged its classed as an electrical fault, if anything else had been damaged they would have written it off and let me have salvage on it as fire damaged.
  15. i know to convert my 1afa loom to ofac there are possibly 2 wires to move and 1 to cut, this worked fine. i have had an electical fire and the loom is now toast. i have been offered a fiesta turbo ofac loom, how hard is it to fit the loom to the escort? do things like the connectors for the clocks need changing, or is it just remove the ignition/injection part and fit that to my loom? my loom has melted in the engine bay, all the rest seems good, its just from the fuse box to the engine thats melted. ? or does anyone know where i can get an escort efi loom that i can covert over to ofac?