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  1. Welcome Rob get some pics up cant beat some old Fords ive got a mk3 cab and stay in wet Scotland Del
  2. Hi Dan Give Graeme at GS CLASSIC FORDS a call always a good first port of call before ebay etc Del
  3. Hi mate did you get it sorted? Lift the back seat base and pull the pump plug not the sender which is the strange shaped one then fire a live and earth straight to the pump cable and have a listen see if its the pump Saves dropping the tank,ive just took my new tank and new efi pump off and fitted a fuel cell in the boot as i never had power via the plug so ran my own power instead Del
  4. Hi Steven all mk3 and mk4 front belts are the same So a drivers side mk4 will fit as its the same mounting points also mk3, i actually dont even think they are sided Get on Graeme at GS CLASSIC FORDS Cheers
  5. Yellow Hellas fitted https://photos.app.goo.gl/MJ36TmtQD1Vtst3u7
  6. Burton Power has a range of cabby rubbers if anyones looking for them Del
  7. Love it mate hope you get it back to what its meant to look like Ive just done my mk3 so feel free to ask anything Del https://photos.app.goo.gl/WURCn18QLNbzDkfS7
  8. Door cards look solid enough for retrim 202987835564
  9. Looks like they are away mate Free escort cvh engines it was,search that and go to completed listings guy might still have them as item number now not working Del
  10. Not bad mate cheers just ording an RM ecu so its upto date and selling the Ofab 1 i have Im trying to get a rotten cab from someone for parts will let you know if i do as the roof is decent
  11. Ebay 324139542254
  12. Ebay 324139542254
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