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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WdJ6XpZWgadxuCUV7
  2. Breaking my mk3 s1 cabby check my threads for details all parts for sale
  3. Red oxide does the trick mate,not sure yet mate something old no doubt
  4. Looking good mate doesnt look too serious from what i can see,ive used marine paint for my floor and all welding and its better than the usual Hammershite that never seems to dry Ive just pulled my efi turbo engine out and sticking in a standard efi engine then selling for something different
  5. Glad your saving it mate cracking colour Get some resto pics up as you go Del
  6. Good stuff mate Fords are here to test our patience lol
  7. Go onto ebay search escort mk5 bonnet catch youll get an idea of what looks like
  8. Your cable comes from drivers inner wing side and when you pull it the latch pulls towards the inner wing if that makes sense
  9. Hi mate Jack car up and put your hand up to the landing panel and pop the latch bit of a squeeze but can be done
  10. Maybe worth asking this UK breaker Ebay item number 184583996586
  11. Welcome mate Hard to find parts that work at decent prices these days,what you needing? Del
  12. Idle control valve mate or throttle position sensor? Just a thought
  13. Welcome mate i was the exact same and got another 1 i was also here years ago lol Del
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