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  1. Soo car was motd then drove it hundreds of miles to Inverness then back to my house the next day £200 in fuel lol and the turbo went on the way home all good fun tho,sooo turbo has been rebuilt and some things sorted so im going to use it on some hopefully sunny winter days then im putting a 2ltr zetec turbo silvertop in it that im building,picked up a 60k mile engine up for £150 so watch this space
  2. Welcome mate Lets see some pics
  3. Hi Lynn welcome One that requires no work will be hard to find these days but look for something pref standard thats not been tampered with or a bodykit hiding anything,get a poke around the battery tray and fuse box area under the bonnet also check the carpets for wet spots ,footwells known for holding water and suffering rot also arches and rear chassis legs etc Chassis number under the flap on drivers side carpet see if its got 1 lol Usual checks with Gov website for a free mot history check that will advise on any previous rot or welding Check for any gunk under oil c
  4. Great stuff hopefully gets you sorted and gets you on the road ,get the heat onto it bend it back lol
  5. ive got a full set of 30mm front and rear mate 16s and 195/45 tyres https://photos.app.goo.gl/VbwG8RVgyRuTueMW6
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114365495455 Pic 6 mate shows inside of the mech
  7. Aw i get you now,fook knows mate i dont see the frame being bent if its not been off the car much hopefully just something daft somewhere As for the Astra i bought a black 3 door A plate mk1 GTE about 9 years ago for £500 drove it home and stupidly sold it for £550 a week later as i never had time for it ,needed bulkhead welded etc but was decent enough The same car in the same condition would be around 5k plus today lol
  8. Yes they've always been a love hate of mine these cabs but i keep end up going back to them, ive had more than id like to remember but the past 5 years ive calmed it a lot and also they are getting harder to get now ,no more £200 quid shots to strip for parts lol
  9. If that runner isnt going straight to the top try swapping the rams over incase that side isnt pushing the machanism right up worth a try
  10. Its always these things that tests us mate i was ready for selling mine the other day or burning it out as its over fueling badly due to the ecu needing remapped it was meant to be a plug and play ofab Rs turbo ecu from RM motorsport but it has caused me more headache than anything, now i have fuel in my oil so that also needs changed,even worse when its nice weather lol Take a breath and a timeout get a coffee tomorrow and start again buddy Del
  11. Daft question but is there anything stuck in the runner just above the 3 bolts https://photos.app.goo.gl/VbwG8RVgyRuTueMW6
  12. Have you undone the strap points the wee 10mm bolts on the metal parcel shelf and tried that for some movement
  13. Ahh i see does sound like the frame then not sure theres much more to them under the vinyl
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VbwG8RVgyRuTueMW6
  15. Hi mate and welcome Take off your rear panels and loosen the main frame bolts on each side then hook your roof closed then re tighten the bolts That squared mine up with a bit of tinkering Cheers Del
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