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  1. Id say the above post is 100 percent correct unless its having a turbo etc added which again will cost a lot more ive had zetecs etc in the past in my mk3s and mk4s but i prefer a fiesta turbo cvh , the power of modern day cars will be better but i just like the ease of working with a 1.6 engine and the space im left with under the bonnet If you have a 1.6 zetec just now tho its worth the change over if you can get it cheap enough
  2. Delfrombefore


    Hi Alan what kind of cab have you got? Del
  3. Well i bought this after realising my old 3 door base model Sierra was too much for me to repair and im an escort fan anyway so here we go,bought from ebay about 1 and a half years ago for £500 with a load of parts i never needed which some have been sold to buy the parts i wanted lol Its a mk3 someone had turned into a mk4 then back to a mk3 again
  4. Hi everyone been a long long time i was on many years ago but since lost email accounts passwords etc etc and been through lots of life ups and downs etc etc the norm to be honest Anyway im glad theres still a forum going and well done for keeping this site alive :) name is Derek or Del from Sunny Scotland had several fords and cabs and much more but after everything im back with a mk3 cab i picked up on Ebay and ive hopefully saved it some folk may have bought some items from me on ebay in the past so might know me from there and some might have came to my house many years ago and ive handed you a lot of free parts as thats the kinda guy i am anyway will upload some pics and hoping to see everyone at a show somewhere sometime in the summer Del :)
  5. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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