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  1. Have you double-checked that all the earth cables are connected as there is one which usually falls down the back of the battery tray.
  2. If it is original, then the last 7 of the chassis number will match the engine number on the block above the water pump outlet. If they match, post up a picture. The Turbo technics kits ran a T2 or T2.5 Turbo similar to the Fiesta RST compared to the factory fitted T3
  3. They were Turbo Technics kits and ran about 6psi boost
  4. They were Rover ones, not later BMW-owned mini ones. Trust me, I am a Parts Manager for them and we dont do them. Btw: oben means top in German, it is not a brand.
  5. Whereabouts are you situated? Might be able to help out?
  6. You are aware that "oben" means "top" or "above" in German and that it means that the lamp should be fitted that way up, not a brand name?
  7. Technically yes. However, most tracking places are run by monkeys who do not know one end of a measurement from the other so will tell you that it is not adjustable. To adjust it, you need the appropriate washers as they are the shims to set it up. To do it correctly takes time.
  8. Tickets all received for this one. Thanks Paul and Colin
  9. Was not a bad day in the end. I ended up leaving around 2pm when the second lot of rain looked to be starting, but was tired and aching by then anyway.
  10. I did try to ring you earlier Andy but no answer. I can bring our big collapsible metal table and a spare stove/kettle if you wish and anything else?
  11. My personal preference is a valve bent to 90 degrees and insert it through a mounting hole in the block with the valve head in the ring gear. Works every time for me.
  12. I normally get there for around 6.30am and have a chat with some of the others waiting to get in.
  13. All paid up now thanks to Ollie.....
  14. We won't be attending it seems. Booking is closed through the Club and apparently Kelsey have already laid out the pitches on their system. Not a problem for me, I'll leave the car in the garage out of the way and relax at home instead.
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