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  1. Hi there, When i try to start my MK4 all that happens is the relay behind the clocks clicks (which i can also feel) when the key is turned. i have checked the voltage on the small wire on the back of the starter and get nothing when the key is turned. is this the relay at fault or do i need to be looking for something else. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi im looking for the rubber insert for the vertical guide for the drop glass on the drivers door for my mk4 cabby, hav you got any and how much please

  3. Hi all, this might sound a bit of a strange one but here goes. How do i clean the inside of the rear quarter glass where it meets the B post on my Mk 4. There is a little triangle bit i can't get at but im sure there must be a way, any help would be appreciated it is realy getting on my nerves.
  4. Hi there i just bought replacement front seatbelts, for my mk4 cabby doe's anyone know if they are handed, one wont come out if the car is pointing down hill and the other continuously tightens up whilst driving. Thanks.
  5. DaveH


    Hi all I have fitted a new complete clutch including cable and ratchet to my mk4 cabby, the problem i was having was i had to put the pedal to the floor to get it in gear. since i have don the work the ratchet keeps slipping i know its not the ratchet because it was doing it with the old one, thats why i replaced it any ideas/help would be realy appreciated. Thanks.
  6. DaveH


    Thanks for that.
  7. DaveH


    Hi the time has come when the roof needs replacing, I have been looking at a lot of places and have been lucky to find one quite local to me. the problem is which roof should I go for? Which is best the Vinyl or the Mohair? . Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi there, I've had new chills done and was wondering if anyone knows weather the stickers that go on top in the door opening are still available , and if they are where from . Thanks
  9. Hi there I've only just noticed your post, have you tried GS Escorts in Widness for a stub axle, he seems to have or can get almost anything Escort.
  10. Hi there No the vibration is under drive its fine when breaking. thanks for the tip on the seatbelts.

  11. Hi folks, I hve a mk4 cabby and I need to know if there is a kit or attachment I can get for the rear seat belts, so I can take my young grandsons out in the car. Also ive started getting vibration from the front end hand new struts/springs lower arms and steering rack, any ideas? thanks.
  12. DaveH

    Adjustment ?

    I wil try that Thanks.
  13. Hi again ! i have noticed that the roof when closed doesn't have an equal gap along the top of the windscreen, it's a bit bigger on the drivers side. Is it possible to do any adjustment to the roof frame if there is any to close the gap up?. Thanks.
  14. DaveH

    Which Roof

    Hi there folks. can you tell me if the original roof hood is vinyl or mohair ? and what is the best cleaner / sealer to use. As you can probably tell i'm new to escorts and all advice is greatly appreciated Thanks, Dave..
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