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  1. Make sure the battery to earth (left of the battery as you look at it) is connected. My mk3 had similar issue this week and it was this earth lead that had snapped.
  2. cvh

    Mk5a immobiliser help?

    Thanks for the advice, those fuse boxes are a pain in the backside but hoping it was something else. (Bangs head off wall). Due to the summer disappearing fast I've moved back to my mk3. I will post again when I get the 5a sorted. Cheers.
  3. cvh

    Mk5a immobiliser help?

    Convinced myself it's an earth issue as sometimes it'll turn over then other times nothing. Sometimes the ignition lights and nothing and sometimes just nothing at all! In addition the electric windows are working without the ignition. On my mk3 and 4's the fuel pumps prime but can't ever remember the mk5 doing this. I know the relays are different from the 3/4 to the 5 and I know the pumps is no longer under the tank so convinced myself that it doesn't have an audible prime. Can't see any obvious rusty or in-attached earths so back to head scratching. Had the fuse box out and can't see any burned tracks or dry joints but that could be down to my eyesight!!!! All relays have been swapped. And I seem to have aged 2 years in 2 weeks. I will update when I do eventually figure it out.
  4. cvh

    Mk5a immobiliser help?

    Yep double checked the earths. Made a bit of progress, now have ignition lights and the starter motor is engaging but no spark. Going to up plug all connections I can find and try a bit of wd40 and cross my fingers again. No spark could still be imobiliser as I cant remember how the thing works. I will post updates if when I find the problem! Cheers
  5. Hi all, Cvh Mk5a si cab won't start. Hasn't moved for a couple of years but looking at the weather about time it was! Turn the key and the relays click but no ignition lights, no fuel pump prime and no starter engaging. I know there's a Ford fitted immobiliser but nothing else. Tried locking and unlocking a few time's and nothing. Tried leaving the key in the ignition for 5 mins and nothing. New battery fitted. All fuses checked twice. All wiring in the engine bay looks good (not fractured or snapped) Dash light (next to clock) is on when I lock up and goes out when I open it. All other electrics seem to work on ignition, head lights, blower, windows. So at a loss and the cars not worth paying an expert to look at it. Good news is I can take my battery back. Any ideas folks would be really appreciated.
  6. Stally, Probably fixed this by now (buts its been ages since I've been on here) and I'm probably a mile away here but check the bulbs in the cluster are all correct. I know if there's a problem with the earth on the bulbs then it causes all sorts of weirdness at the dash. Just because the bulb goes in doesn't mean its the correct one as I've seen dual circuit bulbs (stop and tail) used, the pins fit but the earth is all wrong.
  7. Grrrrr, Wasn't the relays. Back to head scratching.
  8. Cheers tbirdbooboo, I'll get myself under the bonnet tomorrow with my toes crossed!
  9. Hi all, Can anyone shed any light (pardon the pun) on the following?: Turn the ignition and the sidelights and brake lights all come on and stay on. I can also keep the car running when I remove the keys if the lights are turned on with the light switch stalk. All other electricals work fine. I'm guessing bad stalk or earth, but its one of those times when I can start by getting a new stalk (If you still can that is) then get a new ignition switch, then all the relays, then new light clusters, etc, same with the earth they're everywhere! Any sensible advice/experience would be appreciated.
  10. John, Is this still going ahead and if so whats the plan for food (bring a picnic or are you firing up a BBQ)? Raby castle show is on the Sunday and I'm headed down to that again (obv. not camping at Whitby as I have the little uns). Whats the meeting point/time for saturday, or is it just a turn up at the campsite? Ken.
  11. Everytime I wash mine I use either tyre spray or dashboard renovator on the hood. Costs a stack cos I use a tin at a time (and rub it in with a sponge) but any of the silicone sprays work a treat and looks black when its done. I do the same with the grey vinyl hood on the wifes but seem to get no thanks from it cos it never looks any different. Stops it splitting though. Probably final work is that I never move the hood unless the vinyl is warm cos when its cold its brittle.
  12. Deano, There is a monthly meet first sunday of each month (so next one is this weekend!?) at the Dunelm Ridge Pub at Framwellgate Moor. Might be a bit quiet this month as most are away on holiday but I should be there with the wife and kids in the mk4 (no chance of the mk3 being ready by then) Meeting time at 6.00pm (during the summer) Get yourself along and let me know if you need directions.
  13. OK Lee, Definately me and the missus and probably the lads (as the babysitter will be in attendance!). Deposit has been paid and choices have been made. I haven't had a chance to drop in to see John at GD but will saturday morning. And its definately the 5th. Cheers fella.
  14. If the hood is mohair chances are its been used as a replacement as its a lot easier to replace the hood and frame (in one bit) as opposed to trying to fit a hood to the frame. Good news is that if its not already electric you've got a fine excuse to make it so!! Its not a difficult job so good luck. Then again if you had good luck you'll find the pump in the boot!!!
  15. Pleased I looked again. Never realised it was at 2.00pm. Might be a bit busy in there with the sunday lunch brigade. Probably better for the kids but afternoon drinking kills me!!! Why did we change from evenings? Not complaining just asking.
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