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  1. DJRrestores

    A Ford Factory Supplied Rs Turbo Cabriolet 😲

    Alas the original engine was blown up and it currently runs a different Forged S2. All good interesting points tbf 🤔👍 Ill let you know if I find out anymore details. Theres ford supplied tag to police/military sales
  2. DJRrestores

    A Ford Factory Supplied Rs Turbo Cabriolet 😲

    Yes I know what you mean. I dont mean the logbook as even se500s all say XR3i dont they? Im actually talking about being produced from the factory supplied with the full RS worx plus optional RST engine and box. I thought no one has ever proved one existed or actually happened. Im working on getting more details but alas, its like having a treaure map with only half a trail atm
  3. So weve all had the discussion a thousand times over... and so have I over the years. Yes ford didnt make an RST Cabriolet. HOWEVER..... I found out some news about my late 91 registered se500 that Im currently restoring. It Was apparently supplied NEW by FORD under a police/military contract....wait for it...yes, with an RS Turbo engine and box. If I can get confirmation of this, could this possibly be the only 1 of its kind...? 😮