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  1. did you get it sorted ? remove the door cards and there is a bolt that with slight adjustment drops the window . make sure it catches the seal though as to much and you will get a draft if you have a workshop Manuel it does show pics regards ollie
  2. Ollie

    Electric roof rams

    keep an eye on ebay :>) they do come up but most are sold as a kit with pump etc
  3. Ollie


    Here they are Trev turns out it’s the same place I picked my panels up for my mk3 they don’t list them on there website though
  4. Well peeps that was the last show of the season for most of us :>( Where has this year gone . i no i haven't done most of the shows this year due to other commitments was a great turnout considering it was pretty much as far Kent as you can get for most attending . the original plan of the convoy didn't go quite to plan either as 1 member got lost and another waited at the wrong services partly me to blame :>( we got there in the end lol The show itself was very good with some very strange and beautiful cars on show .. you had to be there to see some of them . i think every one who was there for the day had a great time because each and every one of them cars holds memory's in some way or another :>) we will be going back next year and hopefully the other two shows wont clash :>( For those that attended please add your photos to the gallery for all to see.. couple of the club stand below Thanks ollie
  5. Ollie


    seems to be plenty of front wings available for the mk6 on ebay but not a lot else
  6. Ollie

    Roof problems please help

    hi gaz both the same frames for mk3 an 4 maybe where its been sat off the car for a while . i take it its a vynel hood and not a mohair type as they have a lot more give in them and of course the se should have a white hood :>) make sure the handles are not too tight aswell other wise they will snap if forced
  7. Ollie

    My mk3 SE cab

    Hello Gordon welcome to the cabriolet club lovely looking se allwhite :>) regards ollie
  8. Ollie

    MK3 Escort S1 look cabbie

    welcome to the cabriolet club indy nice collection of cars you have :>) Theres still a few about that need plenty of work including mine good luck in your search if any come up i will let you no regards ollie
  9. Ollie

    Ian71 - XR3i acquired

    another one to your collection hey :>) looks nice with the kit just needs rear bumper one to finish it off
  10. Did no one attend this meet then ? Haven't seen any pics yet
  11. hi nick go back to the insurance and tell them you want more than there offering Argue the case that you wont replace your cabriolet with that offer . As ian said most insurance company's will give good agreed values at the moment due to prices slowly rising good luck and let us no the outcome regards ollie
  12. hope you have a good evening :>) dont forget lots of pics please ollie :>)
  13. CLASSIC FORD @ Battlesbridge Just an update regarding meeting Sunday morning . We normally meet at the brook side cafe for a bite to eat and convoy the short journey to the show ground Our local cafe has been shut down so the new meeting place will be at Beefeater watermill East mayne Basildon Ss14 Opens at 7am and that’s what time I will be there for It’s a 10 minute drive to the showground There are a couple of members I have messaged regarding giving me a call when there at the gate and I will walk over to meet them Any probs don’t hesitate to pm or call me Regards Ollie
  14. Ollie

    Mk6 mohair roof


    • For Sale
    • Used

    Black mohair roof taken from a late Mk6 on the frame will need a good clean no rips or tares this would of been an original ford hood not after market


  15. Ollie

    Event: Ford Fair

    11 in total are booked on the club stand for this weekend at ford fair i am sure you will see other escort cabriolet owners spread all over the place as its such a big show if you need any help or info dont hesitate to ask andy or ian :>) have a great weekend and i hope the weather holds out for all that are attending look forward to some pics regards ollie