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  1. Still got it although not used for a few years due to the dreaded Covid-19
  2. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    Have you got them out ready yet Dan ?
  3. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    Well still got it new battery this weekend and see if I can get her for an mot
  4. Nice early cabby for sale :<) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294943888235?hash=item44ac06936b:g:zP4AAOSwqapg9Xqr
  5. hi David The mk5 dash 1400cc model was very under powered . Ok for cheap ish insurance . which model / colour is it blue /silver or burgundy / silver ? be interested to see some pics
  6. hi Sharon if you mean full shoulder belts then its a no i am afraid . i have fitted isofix brackets in mine to fit child seats but lap belts only for adults
  7. i have looked into it but would be very difficult to use the 3 point seat belt system . In the end i went down isofix route :>)
  8. Hi Henry i am sure i have some in my boxes of bits but need to get to them first leave it with me
  9. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    well finally got the rear chassis rails welded and got new exhaust sorted :>) this cab will be on the next year
  10. No one else fancy this show then ?
  11. Hi no sadly not as not enough interest this year great little show though so if your attending have a great day regards Ollie
  12. Ollie

    Ford Fest

    no one fancy this event ?
  13. Ollie

    Ford Fair

    1 ticket sold for this event deadline is 10th July to purchase tickets Regards Ollie
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