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  1. Ollie

    Event: Uxbridge Autoshow

    Was a good show and the weather was very hot perfect for driving a cabriolet when your not stuck in traffic if anyone has more pics then please add them to the gallery thanks ollie
  2. Ollie

    Event: Ford Fair

    At present we have 6 attending ford fair this year if your thinking of joining us dont leave it to late please i myself am not sure if i can make due to other commitments but you will be made very welcome by our other great members who attend the show thanks Ollie
  3. Ollie

    Roll bar lights

    hi kev not seen it done before but im sure it could be . easier to run some led strips from the doors pins maybe there is a guide on here for elecy roof conversion look forward to seeing you at some shows regards ollie :>)
  4. Ollie

    What car would you ?

    As a young lad many years ago i used to dream of owning a cabriolet :>) like most of us there was one particular model that i always fancied and looking at the prices i will never own one ive been walking past this car for the past week and it hasn't moved . left outside on the street aswell . i had to stop and get a pic never satisfied are we lol .at least i own a cabriolet :>) if you could have any cabriolet what would it be apart from yours of course
  5. Ollie

    New site

    One thing i can say paul its alot easier to upload photos from the iphone and memory card :>)
  6. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    well there finally off the cabby :>) sitting on the 15s for now
  7. Ollie

    Mk3/4 rear lamp gaskets

    yeah i believe there the same ian h
  8. Told avril when i took this pic it was going in the girls n there cabs section :>)
  9. Ollie

    Mk6 Calypso

    well i brought the mk6 back in the garage to make a start after trying everything to get the front wheels off . i did wanna try and save them after trying everything to remove the seized nuts . i managed to round 1 off on the nearside and 3 off on the offside had top of the range nut guns /air guns and special nut removal tools and 3 different people that thought they may be able to remove them :>) well in the end good old fashion hole cutter and big hammer done the trick wheels are finally off and fit for the scrap man :>( had sold them a few months ago for £100 aswell lol onwards an upwards got a set of rs15s to o on them as a rolling project just for the pre mot to see how bad it really is before i start any work on it will keep you all updated
  10. Ollie

    Fluid Resovouir

    Hi jon have you tried eBay plenty breaking on there
  11. Ollie

    Ford Radio wiring

    Looking for the main power supply plug and speaker connections thought I had them but it was for the later model
  12. Ollie

    Event: Simply Ford

    Hello peeps had an email from the organisers with regards to getting in and making sure you are together as a club please print off the pdf file and place in your window and the stewards will direct you to your parking area regards Ollie Ford Club Window Sticker copy.docx
  13. Hi Ollie

    Where is the meeting place on the day 6th May Beauliu.  Coming in from Bournemouth,

    My mob no is 07734954010.


    1. Ollie


      Hi sue

      i won’t be attending next weekend sue  😞

      Ian will be getting there nice and early and the organisers normally hold everyone in the car park as they don’t open the gates till 9am 

      hope you have a great day 

      i have sent you a club name to print off if you can . Make it easier for them to direct you to the club stand 

      regards Ollie 


      Ford Club Window Sticker copy.docx

  14. Ollie

    Ford Radio wiring

    Hi all looking at changing the radio back to a standard model in bobs cabby managed to get hold of the amp and wiring but the radio doesn’t have the right connections see pics any one no what model radio it was that paired it up thanks Ollie
  15. Ollie

    Escort cabriolet full tonneau fitting

    yes i still have it m8 it had been stored in a garage for a while then brought it home but had a few issues with front wheels not coming off :>( hoping to deal with it soon regards ollie