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  1. If its an efi it should have one
  2. paulee


    I have a frame , would need put back to good working use though.
  3. Also just cleaned warm up regulator ( blocked green gunk).
  4. Hi mate nice condition , i have a g plate and also have the same advisory on one of the old mots. Did you get it sorted? cheers.
  5. Hi looking for some advice on my mk4 89 cab, 1.6 cvh mfi. It starts up then cuts out straight away , when i put my foot on the accelerator it bogs out worse but if i keep turning the key about 10-15 times it starts up then once its warm runs great and starts first time. I got the car to learn on so have no idea. I have took the cold start valve out, cleaned it and sprayed it into a bottle , decent mist. What else could i try? Thanks paul.
  6. zygott did you get this sorted?? I have the same problem going to try this.
  7. Managed to get a few working, but still nothing from the heaters . got power upto the matrix but them in not sure where it goes , also have no power on the inside heater.
  8. Hi bought a mk4 project and I'm having trouble with some of the electrics. The problem just now is there is no power to the lights on the dash for the petrol/ oil warning , the electric windows have no power , the heaters don't work theres no warning handbrake is on etc. Could there be something joining all these together that has been disconnect for what ever reason previously ? And if so where is this located ? When I bought it the previous owner had replaced ( and not finished or took out the old cables ) the electrical cables for the roof so its been a hassle tracking what goes where as its an electrical mess! Thanks in advance paul.
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