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  1. paulee

    Stalling When Approaching Junctions

    zygott did you get this sorted?? I have the same problem going to try this.
  2. paulee

    mk4 electrical help

    Managed to get a few working, but still nothing from the heaters . got power upto the matrix but them in not sure where it goes , also have no power on the inside heater.
  3. paulee

    mk4 electrical help

    Hi bought a mk4 project and I'm having trouble with some of the electrics. The problem just now is there is no power to the lights on the dash for the petrol/ oil warning , the electric windows have no power , the heaters don't work theres no warning handbrake is on etc. Could there be something joining all these together that has been disconnect for what ever reason previously ? And if so where is this located ? When I bought it the previous owner had replaced ( and not finished or took out the old cables ) the electrical cables for the roof so its been a hassle tracking what goes where as its an electrical mess! Thanks in advance paul.