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Help! engine trouble

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Hi looking for some advice on my mk4 89 cab,  1.6 cvh mfi.

It starts up then cuts out straight away , when i put my foot on the accelerator it bogs out worse but if i keep turning the key about 10-15 times it starts up then once its warm runs great and starts first time.

I got the car to learn on so have no idea. I have took the cold start valve out, cleaned it and sprayed it into a bottle , decent mist. What else could i try?

 Thanks paul.

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On 15/07/2019 at 06:46, Paul Grainger said:

I was going to say warm up regulators used to play up on these. Then get the fuel mixture checked. 

Dont overlook the basics either. Plugs distributor cap and rotor arm?


Got my 4 injectors out they all work when i pull the sensor plate up, is this an air issue not lifting my plate? or do i sound daft lol cheers.

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Any help with this still have same issue , done loads now had head done with new cam etc , compression test ( dry) was good , new leads starter oil pump the list goes on still cant find problem. cheers

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