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  1. Agreed. Check its the motor first. Check the voltage across the pump terminals when operating it. (Pump connected). You should have just under battery voltage if the wiring is ok. Cheers
  2. Fluid must have gone somewhere. I would check for leaks from the pump and the rams. Think the pump should be filled to half way. Cheers
  3. Hi Ash. There are a few known problems which it could be. First I would check the output from the switch when it faults. If that's ok then bypass the imobiliser on the security ECU. These play up from time to time. Failing that it could be the fusebox. Hope this helps Paul
  4. I was going to say warm up regulators used to play up on these. Then get the fuel mixture checked. Dont overlook the basics either. Plugs distributor cap and rotor arm? Cheers
  5. Hi Martyn, The yellow wire is the accessory output for the radio. Hope this helps. Cheers
  6. Hi Spinder. I gave up looking and in the end made some from sheet steel. Good luck on the search.
  7. The two big terminals are the supply and earth. The outer pin is earth and the other one is the yellow switched live. The smaller ones are the permenent live and the electric aerial output but I can't remember which one is which. Try powering it up and seeing which small one goes live as this will be the aerial one. The display will be blank until you get your permenent feed on. Cheers
  8. Could be broken wires between the door and the a pillar. Pretty good place to look as that is where they flex from door opening. This can break them after a while. Cheers.
  9. Hi Dave, The resistor on the mk 4 is strapped to the motor itself. Can only think of checking with a local parts factors to see if they can advise on availability. Failing that I guess flebay may have a used motor with one attached? Cheers
  10. Hi, depends on what gizmo you have got! The two pin serial link is for the FDS2000 diagnostic PDU which was really dealer only kit back then. The three pin plug is for the Star tester. Again dealer level but a lot more widely available. This is the early level stuff before the standardised 16 pin DCL connector for EOBD which came out around 1995. If you can find a Star tester then make sure it is a three digit one as you will need this one for the later EEC4 engine management module fitted to your car. Might be easier to ask at your local dealer if they still have a Star tester!!! If you do find one then code 111 is all systems pass Hope this helps. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi, as you open the bonnet it will be hanging on the right hand side strut turret. There will be a bunch of three connectors. A black three pin, a black two pin for serial data and a blue two pin. Cheers
  12. It will do if it has an Efi engine. It is the old style star/led tester type. Should be on the n/s inner wing. Cheers
  13. Might be worth double checking the valve timing is right. Cheers
  14. Hi, I would check for fault codes and check for air leaks. Make sure the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose is connected. Cheers
  15. Nothing known that I know of. Mine failed a couple of years ago as the multiplug corroded and the terminal broke off the pump. I replaced it with a Bocsh pump which is the OE brand and has been fine since. I wonder if yours has done the same and the multi plug is still corroded causing a bad connection ? You can just about get to the plug by lifting the rear seat. Might be worth tesing the voltage to the pump wires to rule out the wiring before dropping the tank again. Cheers
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