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  1. Correct. new starting motor required, get one from a transit connect up to 09 i believe , they dont seem to have the same problem.
  2. Same pump for mk3 to mk6 , you will find parts still available ,I believe vw fitted the same to golfs and parts still available as is the fluid.
  3. Listen folks, all the expensive cabs for sale on eBay or other sites have been on there for ages, I think that tells you what I am trying to tell you , good cars come on weekly either auction or buy it now, I still say £5-6k gets you a very clean good car, 1500 - 3000 gets you a car that you will spend 3k on to make it decent. Good luck.
  4. Check hoses around throttle body if any leak that can make it run rough.
  5. There was one at auction recently ,not sure what it sold for. If it has the leather interior and is a genuine one there are not many around, but as I said 15 k is strong, offer 10k and see what they say.
  6. 15k for any cab is expensive, depends how desperate you are to buy it. If I had 15k to spend I would buy an rs turbo or sapphire cosworth . There is a car advertised in Northants for 10k ,was 15k a few months back, that’s only covered 5k miles, think that tells you enough. Good luck.
  7. For sure, as cabs go it’s one of the most sought after models ,I would buy it but have three other cabs already lol
  8. I would sell it as it is, if it’s original sell it with its original faults. As to it’s value , could try £8,000.00 Ono , if it does not sell then drop price. Could get a classic car company to make you an offer, they may offer a good price because bottom dollar they will ask £12 ,000 plus when work done and offered for sale. good luck.
  9. A bit to the right of glove box, yea was a pain I ended up taking half dashboard out, even then had problems with the two pipes running through bulkhead into engine bay.
  10. Was it raining or wet roads when out, if not would think it’s heater rad under dashboard, central behind gearstick with two pipes running into the back of the engine, I changed mine, was quite a bit of work
  11. Bought mine from car hood warehouse, had local guy fit it. Bought my white roof cover from prestige, cost a fortune, poor quality even came without the press studs, they said all cars have different stud positions (really) had to take to local guy to finish, no I would not buy again from prestige.
  12. I have seen a couple fitted to mk4 RS Turbo cars , if I remember they were done at the time with Peugeot parts ,that’s all I remember.
  13. No is the answer Ian , I am going with two cars with Bedfordshire rs owners, we only have 5 or 6 as most cars are not 25 years old.
  14. Good post, very handy to keep on file.
  15. Ian71

    Ford Fair

    Last year was was typical of how the years have changed , we struggled to get 6 or 7 cars and although we had a good day we hardly had any visitors to the stand because we we were pushed right down near the entrance/exit , we had xr owners next to us with 4 or 5 cars and the other cab club next to them with 4 cars , the main areas up the top were filled with modern st and rs models, that seems to be what the organisers want, so for me perhaps every two years is enough.
  16. Am really sorry to hear this Simon. Best wishes mate.
  17. Friday next week stu, don’t look good,m8
  18. Was worth a try m8, my garage as bad to be honest.
  19. Hi simon,post them on mk5 & mk6 owners Facebook page ,they are mainly based around essex so not far to collect.
  20. Ian71

    Ford Fair

    At present, there seems no real interest from members, the last few years the show has changed with the main emphasis being on newer st and rs models with the older cars being pushed down the show ground into a corner out the way where nobody seems to want to walk to, sad really but that’s the way it’s going. Can’t blame members who pay £25 now (most expensive show) to be pushed down near the entrance/exit and it’s not just our club xr owners next to us only had 4 or 5 cars.
  21. It seems to be a constant problem for the the club now, not enough people wanting to do shows and the ones who do shows regularly not committing in time.
  22. Just spoke to John and Craig, they both think there cars will be ok and are hoping to make the trip. Shame really as if we end up with 5 I could of booked a stand !
  23. I have heard nothing from anyone else although I did see sue stoodly from Bournemouth post she was going ?
  24. Hi guys, I hope to be there but because we have no stand booked the chances of us parking together are slim,I may even be in a different car. Hope to see you there,are you down for weekend as last year ? Weather forecast says 18 or 19 degrees cloud and sun as long as no rain will do. ( may be in a white fiesta rs turbo)
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