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Escort Cabriolet Club

Event: Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

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Name: Bromley Pageant of Motoring

Summary: Norman Park, Bromley

Ticket Cost: £7.00

Start Date: 17 June 2018 - 08:00 AM

End Date: 17 June 2018 - 05:00 PM




Bromley Pageant 2018


Please Read


When you have paid for your ticket on the Bromley Pageant website, can you please add your name to our events system so we know who is coming :smile:




We have changed the way club bookings work this year, meaning that individual club members can book their own tickets and vehicle passes for your stand. Please follow the following instructions...


Club members must go to http://www.bromleypageant.co.uk/club-display

Next, select their Club from the menu and enter the Club's Personal Password*

Proceed to select required tickets and place order

Once booked, they will receive a confirmation email as proof of payment



Get together with your members and display your cars together in a dedicated Club Display. Club cars really do make the show and without them the Bromley Pageant wouldnt be half the show it is today. Thanks to them we are able to marvel at forgotten gems, impressive restorations and customised classics each year. Be sure to take plenty time to wonder round these impressive displays you never know what rarities you might find!


If you have any difficulties, our club support helpline is available on 01959 543724 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.



Norman Park

Hayes Lane





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Hi Paul

I went through the booking procedure for this and did everything ok until I went in to pay.


The screen just told me it would take a few minutes. Over half an hour later, it was still spinning around telling me a few minutes and over another hour later it was still doing it.


I cannot find a contact number for the Bromley Motor Pageant organisers.


Bob (Popeye).


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Hi Paul


Found a contact number, they advised do it again and it went instantly this time.

They do charge £2 booking fee on top of the £7 entrance.

I believe you wanted confirmation if we are attending, hopefully if Ollie has done the business with my car.


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Hi Disco Dan 


 Did you found out about how to add your name and pay.  Having a problem with Beuliieu. 

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