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  1. Gutted for you mate sorry to hear that you have got a strong mind to do that still hope to see you a show at some point over the session as cabbys will always be with you in spirt all the best to you and Karen mark Steve and Julie
  2. I am going to this with ford group uk great show great group of people
  3. If enough people respond I will defo do this going back either way would just be nice to have a group of us cabbies together
  4. Just brought and payed for my ticket so I can be added to the list
  5. My dad soldered the whole fuse box on our mk5 sorted out a whole multitude of syncs was well worth doing if you got the time and patience
  6. Just had a fantastic weekend on the Isle of Wight what a beautiful place with loads of photo opportunities followed by a fantastic show on Sunday Isle of Wight ford take over if you look on Facebook there is loads of photos there’s even a Facebook page Isle of Wight ford take over 2018 the question I want to ask is any one interested in doing a club stand next year there was a few cabbys this year would be nice for the club to be there I know this may be an expensive weekend to some people it cost me £150 accommodation which I could of got cheaper but wanted a good quality standard and £90 ferry crossing which again if I booked more in advance would have been cheaper so if we start planning /booking now which a lot of people are it would work out roughly £20 a month which over a year is doable I going back next year 100% would just be nice to go with some of my own people thanks mark
  7. Booked and payed for please add me to the list my 1st show this year with the club
  8. Love the Capri pictures thanx for putting them up
  9. I prefer the original alloys love the look of the Capri in the back ground would be nice to see some pictures of it
  10. Click on community section at top of page then gallery and you will see some pictures of mine at some of the shows I have attended it is a mk5 L reg and it is amalfie blue hope it is the colour you are after
  11. I won't be doing this one this year I am going to a new show in clacton called ford on the fair way but will still defeo be at Bromley this year
  12. I love this colour that's the colour of my mk5 good luck in your hunt
  13. I take it you got the old girl back on the road then would like to see the finished result If it does not work let me know I am 98% I have one in my collection
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