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  1. A few more coming to Bromley. Where is everyone?
  2. Ollie tells me tickets are available for this. Where do we book? Thanks.
  3. Popeye

    Event system

    How do we add, purchased my ticket while the system was having the wobbles.
  4. Same problem, can't find events system to add name to.
  5. Hi Paul Found a contact number, they advised do it again and it went instantly this time. They do charge £2 booking fee on top of the £7 entrance. I believe you wanted confirmation if we are attending, hopefully if Ollie has done the business with my car. Bob.
  6. Hi Paul I went through the booking procedure for this and did everything ok until I went in to pay. The screen just told me it would take a few minutes. Over half an hour later, it was still spinning around telling me a few minutes and over another hour later it was still doing it. I cannot find a contact number for the Bromley Motor Pageant organisers. Bob (Popeye).
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