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Buying Show Tickets - Last Dates To Purchase Them


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Having spoken to a few members in the shout box its apparent that not eveyone realises that the tickets for the showsa have to be booked and ordered upto a month before the actual show date. So I thought I'd detail the latest dates for buying the various show tickets, into a Post to make it easier for members to see and avoid disappointment.


Event Name Summary Show Date Last buying date Cost Tickets Left


Weston Park Transport Show

Weston Park 24-April 11 Ended 5.00 2


Nottingham Classic Show

Thoresby Hall 02-May 11 Ended 5.00 8


Classic Car Show

Battlesbridge 08-May 11 Ended 7.00 0


Fiesta In The Park (FITP)

Huntingdon Racecourse 15-May 11 Ended 10.00 0


fins & chrome

american car show 3 day 27-May 11 Ended 0.00 10


Classic Ford Show

Santa Pod Raceway 05-June 11 Ended 16.00 8


Trentham Classic Car & Transport Show

Trentham Gardens 19-June 11 19-May-11 5.00 7


Sporting Escorts National Day

Wicksteed Park 10-July 11 Canceled 6.00 9


Ford Fair

Silverstone Raceway 07-August 11 7-July-11 18.00 27


Classic Ford Car Show

Battlesbridge 14-August 11 14-July-11 6.00 8


25th Annual Grand Motorbilia Day

Battlesbridge 25-September 11 25-August-11 7.00 8



Apparently some of the shows do have a minimum limit of cars we have to have attending in order to have a stand at the show and therefore its important that if you do want to attend the shows and indeed support the club in having a stand at the shows, that you purchase your tickets early.


Anyway hope this is useful and at least gives everyone an idea as to the last date the tickets will be on sale till.


Look forward to seeing you all there!




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