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  1. Hi on the mk 6 the ecu is located in the n/s/f footwell a post so I would think it would be the same on the mk5
  2. Put the roof down lift the rubber trim in the inside were the studs are unbolt all the studs and remove them then the rubber trim can be removed
  3. You can fit a hydraulic pas as ford did fit it to a special order but these are very rare as you will need a pump ,pipework and rack an easier way is to fit an electric pas which is from esortmk2mania they use corsa b electric pas and modify the steering column so all you need to do is send them your old column and bolt it in and wire it up search google (ford escort mk3 pas)
  4. Hi it’s quite easy if you are good at fixing cars it’s just screws and glue I have done it on loads of cars
  5. It’s with a heavy heart I think it’s time to sell my mk 3 as I am still not fully healthy and haven’t worked for a year so no money so I don’t think I will be able to finish it and I am at my time of life to clear out the garage so if anything happens to me it would not leave my wife with a lot of trouble trying to clear out all the stuff I have got would any body would be interested in a mk3 project with 90% original panels including original front wings and front panel I have repaired the battery tray to an original look it still needs a small repair to the n/s/r wheel arch comes with a lot
  6. Hi lan thanks done that on Facebook but looks like no body wants them so all go i to the dump this weekend shame but I need the space
  7. Hi guys I am trying to clear out my garage and have a few mk 6 parts which if they don’t sell they will be going to the dump I have a ghia interior , headlamps, front fog lamps , ghia wood effect dash trim , door mirrors electric, and chrome number plate trim also not on ebay at the moment a new front bumper in juice green gen ford a full lock set
  8. I have one but these are very rare to find one make me an offer
  9. Good morning everyone. The first to apologize to the google translator if he does not do his job well since my English is practically nil. My name is Miguel and I write from Barcelona. The reason why I register here is to learn about this model and see your vehicles. Here is not a very wanted model and there is not much information, at least I have not found it. They advised me to look in English pages and bingo, .... I found just an exclusive forum of this model. Congratulations for that. I explain a little, ... I still do not own any machine, .... but in the past I had a Ford Orion mk3
  10. just looked on dvla website and its still on the road as its taxed and tested hope you can find it
  11. hi I have a mk6 ghia that I am breaking I live in Maidstone Kent if you need any parts if you live near you can bring your car and try the part you need before buying it to make sure it fixes the fault
  12. hi I have taken a picture of it but it's in a bit bad way sorry the site won't let me upload the picture I can whatsapp to you if you can p.m me with your number
  13. hi I have a 1984 1.6i cabriolet I can have a look over the next few days
  14. hi if you have abs when you open the bonnet the abs pump sits on the bulkhead in the same place as the battery on the drivers side
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