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    Cars black xr3i not running.burnt orange cabriolet 18 years old 44.000 miles nice motor.black mercedes c180 coup all serviced by me I do love cars
  1. Posted last year with photos.used a plastic dish via my wife kitchen cupboards with the right size clip,still working on are cab,some say the V/W cab will fit 4me at £40 a pop I say thank my dear wife, if you go this way bleed by lifting roof slowly with valve open
  2. timing belt change needed work sheet required as mine went missing,thanks 4any help
  3. yes I think I read your post after completing my project,I still enjoyed the work thanks once more regards magsbert.
  4. Repair using tupperware bowl,and jubilee clip,working fine for me. I bled the system, taking the roof up and down with the motor and the filling nut undone .
  5. Hi my fluid reservoir split also cracked at bottom,I turned the plastic reservoir 180 degrees so the crack are now on top No fluid leaks,I need to keep checking fluid levels
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