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  1. Is it the roof pump in the boot, is it leaking on the plastic bit on the end of the pump ?  If so could try vw dealers I am told it’s the same pump as golf cars ,they seem to have more parts than ford , failing that look for second hand pump on eBay, normally from £75 upwards

  2. Hi All, My reservoir is leaking and i can't seem to find a replacement? There is a crack in the bottom, i've tried soldering iron to close it etc but it hasn't worked. Is there anywhere i can get a new reservoir or is there another car that uses the same pump? thanks
  3. Hey, I need the outer sills for a Mk6 mine are more rust than metal! Where can i get some from? Thanks
  4. Hello! Thanks for you input i'll go check in a minute. Does it kind of look like the below so i know what i'm looking for. Will also take a picture. s-l300.jpg It's weird that it would have a slot for those fuses if it didn't have it
  5. Hey guys, Not been on much as issues elsewhere in the family! So my mk6 has me banging my head against a wall. In the fuse box, I have fuses 9 and 25 which on the cover state they are to do with abs/traction control and are both 30amp. I have neither light come up on my dashboard however this could mean there is an issue. Fuse number 9 was missing (there are metal pins and a fuse fits!) so a fuse is meant to go in there, but nothings changed? How can I check if the car actually has these systems? I guess someone could of taken the bulb out behind the dash? Any help would be good if it does have abs Id like to get it working! Many thanks Jon.
  6. Hey Guys, Sorry for the late replies just got back from Skegness! Just going to take a look at the photos, was a good day out to meet you all. See you in Ukfield?
  7. Clean and polished ready for tomorrow! Sat in garage just in case it rains.
  8. Thanks ian I'll let them know! Ollie I'll be coming from Havant. What time will you roughly be at the services? The services is the Sainsbury's on the eastern road? If you're there about the same time we are leaving I could meet you
  9. Ah right fab. So to confirm they can get on the site and in effect show their car on another part for no clubs. Would they be able to sit with us?
  10. Hey all. My sister and her partner where thinking of coming. How much would it be for them as a visitor? They both have a ford! Thanks Jon.
  11. Hey all. My sister and her partner where thinking of coming. How much would it be for them as a visitor? They both have a ford! Thanks Jon.
  12. Hey all, Just noticed two gaps in the rubber that sits around the back edge of the roof and the cover that protects the roof clips onto. Anyone know where i can get one? I can get a picture if necessary. Thanks Jon.
  13. Hey All, Not long now. Been driving around for almost a month as i managed t get on the road a little sooner and im in love! My partner did have a few choice words for the car last week when we broke down though. Alternator feed to the battery fell off during the week, i didnt notice and the car died in wickham. Fixed and back on the road. Is there an autojumble there? Looking forward to meeting you all, are there any other events coming up? Thanks Jon.
  14. Hey everyone, So my Cabby is now ready to go on the road next week end! However i have a rather green roof. It's a Mohair roof which i've read is the better one? We tried the Autoglym Clean and protection stuff the foam coming off was green/grey/a horrible colour and it seems of to dulled it down however the roof is still black with green algae spots. What can i use to kill the algae, wash it off and then seal the roof from rain etc and stop it coming back or slow it down so i can get rid of it easier. Don't mind it taking a couple of goes but i'd like to get it black again. At the weekend when it's out of the garage ill try to get some pictures of the green stuff. Thank you! Jon.
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