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  1. kevscab

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    Excellent thank you for your help. Looks like the car will fit with ease :)
  2. kevscab

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    Hi all. Does anyone know of the dimensions of a mk4 cab? Reason being I am looking to purchase one soon and want to make sure it will go in the garage with my tools. Thanks in advance Kev
  3. kevscab

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    Thanks mate, looks a stunner, however I just couldn't justify spending that much on a cab lol, So is that colour Amalfi Blue? I am confused, I was after the green turquoise colour, do you know what that colour is called? Thanks again.
  4. kevscab

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    Thanks, I just cant find one anywhere! I suppose come the summer months they will start to appear on ebay. There must be one tucked away somewhere!!! lol
  5. kevscab

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    HI all, I have been a member on here before having previously had cabs, I have had 3 Mk5 cabs in my time, along with the RS turbo`s XR2i`s and more recently Focus RS Mk2. However now I am on the lookout for a MK4 cab, preferably Amalfi blue, I don't mind a non runner or a minter, I am easy as it is going to be a project of love lol So if anyone knows anyone selling an Amalfi blue cab, please let me know Thanks all.