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  1. kevscab

    Temp gauge not working

    Top man I'll be getting under the bonnet next weekend thanks for your info
  2. kevscab

    Temp gauge not working

    Hi all. Had my clocks out the other day and now the temp gauge is off the scale and won't work. How do these work? Is there a seoerate plug behind the clocks for the temp gauge or are they connected in the main loom? It could be from under the bonnet too as I've been messing around there too lol Car is 90 xr3i efi engine. Thanks in advance all
  3. kevscab

    Intermitent engine cut out

    Get it set up by a garage. The co level. These can go out and will cause you problems with stalling
  4. kevscab

    G267 VHA

    Hi all Just wondered if anyone had any info on the above reg? I have just bought the car and would some previous info if anyone knows any? It has a club sticker in the back window so at some point was on the club lol Thanks all
  5. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Top man!! I'l get to a few meets then may take you up on your offer!! Hopefully see you soon! I'l be in the mercury grey mk4 cab.... weather permitting haha
  6. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Wow man after my own heart lol would love an rs turbo again but way too much! Fiesta turbo always wanted go in one of those! Had the 2i but never a turbo lol and a tennis cab? They are rare ol beast! I will definitely pop over one Monday soon as it' only 5 mins from my house lol I know Paul Preston who goes regularly.
  7. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Ah excellent. I went to that meet around September last year with my mk2 rs. Will be going again very soon as a couple of good friends go there. You go often? Do you have the mercury grey cab that was there last time?
  8. kevscab

    Dash board lights

    Hi all. Just wondered if someone had the part number for the dash board bulbs (something tells me from memory it' a 509) I need the bulbs for behind the Speedo and rev counter and the bulbs for the warning lights such as handbrake and main beam etc. Also can we use the led type bulbs? If so are they any brighter? Thanks all
  9. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Haha small world! I live in Bedford. I don' think I'll make the Uxbridge show as I've got a few little jobs to do on her first but no doubt will get to some! Do you do any local meets? Xr or rs owners club etc?
  10. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Hi Ian. I live in Bedfordshire so pretty local to santa pod etc. I have had Ford's previous rs escorts and more recent a focus rs mk2. Never been to ford fair may have to check it out lol
  11. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Thanks Ollie. Just picked her up absolutely buzzing. Needs a few jobs nut she is a very good base to start. Do you know if you can change the dish bulbs to led? Like behind the Speedo and handbrake light etc So what shows are on the cards? Can't wait
  12. kevscab

    Roll bar lights

    Hi all. Just bought myself a mk4 cab. Can't wait til Monday to pick her up! Never had one always had mk5! Always wanted one so now is the time to scratch the itch lol question is I know the mk5 have interior lights in the roll bar (perfect place for lights) however the mk4 does not. Has anyone installed any on their mk4? Also is there a guide anywhere to convert manual hood to power? Thanks all. I will be attending some shows in he summer
  13. kevscab

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    Excellent thank you for your help. Looks like the car will fit with ease :)
  14. kevscab

    Mk4 cab dimensions

    Hi all. Does anyone know of the dimensions of a mk4 cab? Reason being I am looking to purchase one soon and want to make sure it will go in the garage with my tools. Thanks in advance Kev
  15. kevscab

    Amalfi Blue Cab Wanted

    Thanks mate, looks a stunner, however I just couldn't justify spending that much on a cab lol, So is that colour Amalfi Blue? I am confused, I was after the green turquoise colour, do you know what that colour is called? Thanks again.