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  1. Hi Guys In the process of replacing my ripped roof through my insurance company here in New Zealand, to make things easy for them i am trying to find a supplier who is recommended and happy with the product by you guys to ship to NZ from the UK, my cabby is an 1986 mk4 xr3i, Cheers Derek
  2. Hi team, Have a 1986 mk4 xr3i Cab the brake master cylinder has lost all its fluid, can someone point me in the right direction to get an repair kit, my XR3I has ABS and has only 2 brake pipe connectors on the brake master cyl, the diameter of the seals are 22mm, my other 1986 XR3i has 4 brake pipe connectors and no ABS, i did buy a repair kit last year supposedly for the ABS type cyl but the seals are 20mm so wont fit, i have tried last few days on Ebay and google but all the master cylinders i find with 22m have 4 brake pipe outlets where mine has 2 as mention before, repair kit would be ideal but complete cyl as last resort would do, i live in NZ so parts here are non existent. Cheers
  3. Myself would change the servo if you can get good second-hand one. Had similar problem years ago and turned to be servo but on mk3 escort xr3i.
  4. Changed head gasket last year as received the car with engine running on 3 cylinders(No 1 cyl exhaust valve knacked) fitted new Head Gasket/Bolts everything running great afterwards, done around 30 head removals on these over years without any problems, I now think the problem is down to the oil too thin, adding 5/30 engine oil and the outside temperature here in NZ around 34 degrees and that's hot here, the oil must have like water, so next couple of days gonna change oil to 10w/40 and temps here are now down to 15c and see what happens, Cheers
  5. Changed the valve stem seals and hydraulic lifters weekend just gone and now blue smoke after engine over run and when stuck at traffic lights and set off, no blue smoke when hard driving though, did loads of these years ago when mechanic in UK, 20 years ago and never had any problems, the only thing changed was changing engine oil to 5/30 fully syn oil but this was 6 months ago, only smoking since seals fitted, these came with head set when did head gasket last year, all seals where double checked when fitted so doubt if they came adrift, thinking now the oil my be to thin for 30 year old engine, used to add 15/40 or 10/40 when used to do oil changes, here in NZ there auto stores recommend 5/30 which I think is wrong and too thin, anyone had problems using 5/30 syn oil, Cheers
  6. Not sure if this should be in the electrical section but because this relay causes so many problems posted in this section, the question is do you buy a genuine purple relay as I read somewhere last year don't buy after market only genuine ford ones , I have just sorted my problem by fitted spare one off spare xr3i I have, but this relay is say 26 years old so as a preventive maintenance I want a new one and fit that, the problem here in NZ there is none available, has anyone fitted an aftermarket one and had no problems say an intermotor one which is available on bay, Cheers
  7. I had the same problems with my 1987 XR3i mfi, turn the ignition on the pump primes for 3 seconds and the car started but if I switched of and then couple minutes later it would turn over but not start and no priming from the fuel pump, left it for say 10 mins then it started, when it does not start a can run a wire from battery direct to fuel pump and it would start, luckily I bought 87 xr3i for spare last year so took the purple fuel pump relay of it and fitted it to mine and problem all solved starts up every time now, so the problem I think boils down to fuel pump relay on problems above, if you ran a wire direct to fuel pump and it starts it shows the fuel pump is ok, I have read somewhere only fit genuine Ford fuel pump relay, I will posting on this genuine relay as not available in NZ. Cheers
  8. Anyone got diagrams of where the small 4 vacuum pipes go to under the throttle housing looks like the previous owner has messed with them (1986 MFI) Also just bought 1987 MFI and two of the pipe outlets are blanked off under the throttle housing, the distributor vacuum pipe hose is connected to the small outlet pipe on the front plenum manifold which I think is wrong any ideas please.
  9. See you are from Bury Terence, small world I was in Bury two weeks ago having Hollands pudding and peas in the small shopping precinct on Walmersley Rd, used to live in Rake St, sorry to see my ex local pub Wagon and Horses closed for good, back in NZ now, Anyway its not the plug leads shorting out as they are new ones plus a would feel the engine being lumpy if it was misfiring more or less on tickover, thinking it my have to do something with the air bypass valve but got to start somewhere, still if anyone has dealt with similar issues with cutting out please let us know. Cheers Derek (ex Lancashire lad)
  10. Happy New Year to all, after fitting new inlet valve and taking cabby for a decent drive it cuts out most of the time when pulling up at traffic lights ect, I bought the car with inlet valve fault so did not drive the car before hand, whats the most common fault with stalling, the revs go right down to around 400 rpm and rises to approx 850 rpm sometimes but mostly stalls, ignition timing spot on and runs really sweet when cruising, xr3i with MFI fuel system. Cheers Derek
  11. Thanks chaps will have a look this weekend. Cheers Derek
  12. maido, the switch and heater surround will be posted to family in Manchester as over in Lancashire for Xmas and New Year, let us know cost of bits and p/p to Manchester and will pay you via Paypal if you have an account. Cheers savi email address is dexy38@gmail.com
  13. Hi, I am after the heater blower switch in perfect condition and if possible the heater control surround, (1986 mk4 xr3i cabby) Cheers Derek
  14. After getting the wrong tool from UK to remove top hinge pin and not been able to get replies from this forum as to where I could find the correct tool to remove the top pin I sat down and thought how am i going to fix this door problem, well the job is now done , this is what I did, folded the roof down open the drivers door fully open managed to wrap a strop(ties downs to secure freight on Trucks ) around the top hinge first and the other end off the strop around wood post in my large garage put the handbrake on tight and tightened the strop with the ratchet wrapped around the wooden post, this actually pulled the bent top hinge back into place did the same with the lower hinge and that worked as well, the gaps between the door and wing is perfect now and door shuts great, however the only problem I have now is when the window is fully up the door does not shut correctly unless I let the window down a 1/4 inch it appears the window is going to high, the door alignment is perfect any ideas if there is a stop that stops the window shutting to high,
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