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  1. Hi im looking for the rubber insert for the vertical guide for the drop glass on the drivers door for my mk4 cabby, hav you got any and how much please

  2. I'm looking for a ford cd player for a 1989 xr3i

  3. Yes mate the locks just pop out, like a plastic clip behind just slides off.. £28.50 posted ever stuck for bits I've got all sorts
  4. I've got locks on all my glove boxes lol.. Also got a few locks and keys spare if anybody is after 1
  5. Nice project, that is the mfi engine ever stuck for bits give me a shout I bust them
  6. maido

    Mk4 Spares

    Hi for those who don't know I break mk4s if anyone needs bits let me know located teesside area
  7. I will be going,it's the only big show I really travel too,it's good to catch up with members, but Imo the show itself is getting worse each year
  8. thanks only plans are a set of softspokes in 17" and mfi turbo lump
  9. not sure why it was a small pic
  10. hi all,ive been pretty quiet on here lately, ive just added this mk3 cab to my collection,just awaiting its turbo lump. Im hopfully going to get it to some shows this year alongside my yellow mk4 cab the wheels have already been sold im on the lookout for some rs7
  11. i can see this causing a bit of mayhem, as if the day isnt hectic enough already lol
  12. So how do you know who will be going on club stand that way? If it's booked by members through a different site
  13. it was a lads called jatt dharni on my facebook.. quite a few parts from my breakers are on that car lol.. he spent a good chunk on it not sure why he got rid
  14. entirely upto you, just because its modified dont rule it out..it might of been looked after, mine is modded and its my baby lol just a chance you take have a good look around it
  15. without stepping on toes ive got efi if gingerman cant help
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