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After 4 years of sitting on my drive breaking my heart of not being used it’s going into the garage for a revamp. 
I will be putting new sills, of which I can’t find. So will be cutting new ones for a three door escort to fit! 
New hood to be ordered too , anyone recommend a good supply please email me, mohair black wanted.

 Well be cutting out the rusty battery tray too and replacing with new. 
also I have a set of Ford wheels to put back on her, get these ugly alloys off lol

The doors have rust on the bottom too, so hoping to cut and repair these if money and time allows. 
Engine is my main worry but hopefully luck is on my side here ! 
It’s a 130bhp in blue , year 1995

if your interested I will post pics and info , updates 

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Had our first look under the car  and it’s pretty solid . We are going to grind off all the paint on Friday. The  spare wheel pan is knackered and will be cut out . Are these still available I wonder? If not we will make one best we can! 
battery tray isn’t great but again we can’t find one so will fabricate one up. Will post pictures as we go from Friday.

This is the original colour and we will respray once all done.

we have original escort wheels to go back on her too.


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I have spent the day removing the interior so we can see how much rot has gotten inside. Pretty tidy inside really! 
I have been grinding off all the loose rust and paint to get a better picture of how bad things are. My welder thinks it’s pretty good . Everything underneath the car that is loose has also been grind back to clean metal.

Next Friday the back axle comes off to clean that up and prime and paint. Everything will get a clean with new brakes and plates on the back of the hubs.

spare wheel area has had it! Will need to cut that right out! 
chassis has few minor holes and that plate you can see that is a terrible weld! Lifted off at the top and can get your fingers behind it!

lastly it started up today... what a joy to hear :))

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Looking good mate doesnt look too serious from what i can see,ive used marine paint for my floor and all welding and its better than the usual Hammershite that never seems to dry

Ive just pulled my efi turbo engine out and sticking in a standard efi engine then selling for something different

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