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  1. I have a file on removal and refitting . Mk5 cab. I got it from this site and saved it but can’t post it :(( will try figure it out
  2. It’s been a while since I last posted but here is the update ;)) All the underneath is completely done :)) now working on the main body and the engine.
  3. Hi you might get a better response from ( Ford escort cabriolet owners group) on Facebook. I have not used mine in six years and I’m currently restoring it. Really hoping it’s not that bad on the brakes , certainly don’t remember it being that bad , to be honest!!
  4. My effort at making slot in panels to repair the sills. The sills are really solid to cut out. The metal is thick I have been told and although some rot the rest is solid. not my welding as I’m still learning this but soon I hope
  5. Personally I would try it and see, but that’s me lol
  6. Purchased my new hood today , cost £316.00 not too bad I thought. Only trouble is, I didn’t realise there would be 7 weeks to wait :((
  7. Just been out to the garage and was advised to use Schultz as the under seal. Must say it’s easy to put on, just connect to the air hose and spray it everywhere on the underbody. going to red oxide and chassis paint the axle .
  8. Hi im going to prime it all underneath first with that Red oxide . I will have a look at the marine paint cheers. What you got your eyes on next ?
  9. Ford car show today. Red xR3i and RS cab there. Would be great to see more of you turning up. Also there was a Sound test contest of who had the bad ass exhaust (((loudest
  10. I’m after fabric for the door cards . Anyone know where to get the same colour if possible please
  11. I have spent the day removing the interior so we can see how much rot has gotten inside. Pretty tidy inside really! I have been grinding off all the loose rust and paint to get a better picture of how bad things are. My welder thinks it’s pretty good . Everything underneath the car that is loose has also been grind back to clean metal. Next Friday the back axle comes off to clean that up and prime and paint. Everything will get a clean with new brakes and plates on the back of the hubs. spare wheel area has had it! Will need to cut that right out! chassis has few minor holes and that plate you can see that is a terrible weld! Lifted off at the top and can get your fingers behind it! lastly it started up today... what a joy to hear :))
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