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  1. Thanks for the link. Yes I see only one has mentioned escort mk 5/6 I have 1995 si, this is the mk 6 I believe?
  2. I seen dvd on ebay, would this be it? Any links to who sells them please
  3. Ok cheers, is it difficult to buy the Ford TIS?
  4. Hi all, long time since I was last here. Still have the same Cab ( si 1995) I have Haynes manual but theres nothing really on refitting the mohair roof. Is there a idiots guide for me anywhere? Link to someone else may be do the trick? Cheers
  5. Sorry to hijack post, but I need to renew my roof. Is it difficult to take those Rubber off? My cab is 1995 si
  6. Browsing for info I just come across this site, I liked it so thought I would share. Not sure if it's common knowledge lol but here you go. http://www.automobile-catalog.com/auta_details1.php With a little bit of looking you can get charts of the cars performance.
  7. Does shipping cost the earth there too? We are meant to be classified as UK Hampshire.... Really lol its a joke, most expensive ferry in the world I believe!
  8. I will try and get courier to collect, if that fails I will get them delivered to family on the mainland its always a pain in the rear getting stuff here : (
  9. I just mailed the seller on eBay, turns out they don't ship here( isle-of-wight) Just no luck lol... Hopefully they will sort something out?
  10. Hi, sending you my mail, cheers for this, check junk mail just in case
  11. Hi, could you send me a item number of something they are selling please? I can't seem to find them? Cheers
  12. Thanks will look them up tomorrow, how much did they cost if you don't mind me asking.
  13. Would it be very hard to chop a 3 door new sill to fit a cab? The seller has refused to sale me the sill, beginning to think it was bull that they had it! Got refund with in hour of buying... Dam!
  14. I have just managed to get one side, still looking for the other. The dealer thinks it would take 12 weeks to get a pair in? I got the last one by the looks of it.
  15. Im still trying. I will post on here if I get some e and from where. I would be most grateful if you could as well. Good luck hunting
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