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  1. How you getting on? Looking for a new/used hood for mine, I ow anyone?
  2. On the look out for a mk4 cabby roof and frame or anyone recommend anyone that can restore/re-skin mine
  3. I'm interested mate
  4. That's the plan respray get it looking pretty again. Defo nice weather for it, stay safe
  5. Nice,,,, I appreciate the work gone into this, you're alot further than me haha
  6. Ok it's been a long time but I've not given up on her, progress has been slow but progress is progress Bits and Bob's so far, but I'm back on it again now
  7. Progress will be slow but im in no rush for it to be on the road. New metal welded in and some cheap primer to highlight any blemishes
  8. Pictures of progress next.....
  9. You got pics of yours? This wasn't to bad behind the skirts better then I expected. Main point was the door jamb. I've got loads of pics but can't upload them?
  10. Mmm it wont let me upload more? Im only allowed 1?
  11. Ok sussed it. Il start with the pics when I bought it
  12. Ok got some pictures ready quick guide needed how to upload?
  13. I was last on here in 2008 with my azure blue mk4. Had big plans but in the end I had to sell. The good news is 10 years on and I got myself another. This time to restore. D500 HBX is the girl. Anyone know the car? Already made a start. Progress is slow due to work but I will update when possible. Will add pictures later
  14. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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