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  1. Hi, don't know of you have sorted it out Just found a guy to fit a new fan for me at a fraction of a garage price Let you know when he comes next week what he work is like, I live in Welwyn, Stevenage would be no problem him. Keith
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for your comments, Look forward to seeing you at the show, will you be showing your car? This is the cheapest way to get in at only £3.50 for 2 adults, the gate price is £9.50 pp Keith
  3. Hi, Whats the problem with Adrian Flux? I am just about to change my insurance to them! We have spent over £5k restoring our Mk5 Cab, and I have been quote £240 fully comp to insure as a classic car at a value of £10k with a limit of 5000 miles per year. This is subject to the underwriters viewing the the 7 pics and details that I have just sent to them. This seems a great deal as our current insurance would only be market value of about £500 or less. Any feedback would be welcome before we change Thanks Keith
  4. Hi, I think I have found one from Onlineparts.co.uk for £43.95 just got to check with them on Monday if right part! Lot cheaper then Ford!!!!! Keith
  5. Hi, Any members going, Exhibitors tickets only £3.50 per car including 2 adults, camping £5pp. Open for cars up to 1990, but I have been allowed to enter for my 94 MK5 Great show and location in Hertfordshire Hope to see you there, Just contact me Keith
  6. Hi My MK5 cooling fan as just broke, seems like Ford want £245? for a new one Has anyone any advise or help, is it possible to fit a Kenlowe which is must cheaper? Thanks Keith
  7. can any one help me? How do you post Jpeg pics or word docs with pictures and the history behind the re-build, I have a lot to show of the project at all stages. Due to get the car back from the paint shop this weekend and will have a lot to post then. Thanks Keith
  8. Just completing a major rebuild on our car which we have had from new. Complete gearbox rebuild Complete engine rebuild Rear sub-frame, welding, brakes, shocks and seat reburb Now just about to complete a full respray Should be like new by next week? lots of pics to post when finished Keith
  9. Hi, I use Retro Ford International for parts for my Mk5, Matt has found me a pair of new FORD rear outer windowstrips sourced from Germany hope this helps Keith
  10. Hi Guys, Just delivered a set of rear outer weather seals for my MK 5, they are Genuine new ford parts from Germany still in original unopened bags Only one set left when I purchased them from Matt at Retro Ford International mobile 07922102629 They are sent to him first for quality checking you will need the ford part numbers, should be the same as mine (see above) cost £70 the pair plus UK delivery costs Act quick if you want them I have spent 2 weeks and 40+ plus calls to find| Good luck Keith
  11. Hi all Retro Ford International are great, they have found new parts in Europe for me Phone Matt 07921102629 I am sure he can help
  12. Hi. as promised I have found some Ford new ones from Germany and the UK. Taken me weeks and about 40 calls to find Waiting for then to arrive this week to check if OK. Then I will pass you the contact details. You will need to check the ford part numbers are correct Rear set part numbers for my car are M F 1664222 and M F 1664223 There are only 1 set left !!!!! so you have to act quick Keith
  13. Hi, I have a MK 5 mohair roof (Owned from New). Against all advice from the experts, I use vanish carpet shampoo, a hard bush and lots of elbow grease and a pressure cleaner. Its now 15 years old and looks like new still? The hood was a replacement made by CE Moore's, Park Royal, London Keith
  14. Hi, I have the same problem, please keep me posted if any luck. Likewise I will keep you updated with my search as my car is due to go for a complete respray soon? Angela
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