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Why don't you have a tutorial and YouTube them like VW owners, especially if anyone can do general what to buy for when buying a cabby

roof removal installation in detail and video.

Service Guide

General maintenance videos on all matters.

Electrification of Manual hood to power.

Where to look for a good hood.

Service and garages who have technicians who are competent in servicing an Escort cabriolets and trimming and all things related.

I went to a place and the guy who wasn't older than my oil change where is the OBD port on my car, needless to say I did a Homer when he forgot Marge's birthday and sped off out.

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It would be great if members could upload tutorials, and tips on a platform like Youtube. From roofs, power hood conversion, common DIY like brakes, suspensions, and mods!. Shame these cars don't have a lot the mechanics left anymore. I went into one so-called franchise, and the YTS kid was asking me if I knew where to plug the OBD scanner. I said cheque please and left!

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