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  1. Himanshu

    HELP!!! Clutch Issues

    Going into a different garage, but on a cursory look, I saw they had removed the gear selector locking rods, why they did this is beyond me. Do not if you live in the East Midlands, use, Sturgess and Thompsons Ltd, situated on Gypsy Lane, Leicester. I will post updates if it can help anyone else!
  2. Himanshu

    HELP!!! Clutch Issues

    I have just had the clutch replaced with a gear box oil change, and it now crunches in every gear, I can only get it into reverse by engaging reverse when car is switched off and then starting it. It was a Quniton and Hazell part, with Mobil SHC 75-90 oil. It ran fine until so called mechanic replaced the 3 part clutch kit and did an oil change to the gearbox. By the way, I decided to change the whole clutch as the rear main crankshaft seal was leaking and release bearing was slightly noisy.
  3. Himanshu

    Heater In Car Not Working

    Check temperature sender or wire break.
  4. Himanshu

    Can You Still Get White Roofs Fitted Please?

    I am in the exact dilemma to you. I want to keep it original as possible. but the vinyl roof is the thing I am struggling with. I really want a mohair roof which is superior so I may go with a coloured roof! The white mohair roof I am told is not manufactured! I am also thinking should I put a power roof in or leave it as factory standard. I just know that there will be issues insourcing parts should I go down the electric, roof lane! I had to pay £150 for an electronic dipstick. I am paying Ferrari Prices for a Ford!
  5. Himanshu

    Club Improvements

    It would be great if members could upload tutorials, and tips on a platform like Youtube. From roofs, power hood conversion, common DIY like brakes, suspensions, and mods!. Shame these cars don't have a lot the mechanics left anymore. I went into one so-called franchise, and the YTS kid was asking me if I knew where to plug the OBD scanner. I said cheque please and left!
  6. Himanshu

    Best Penetrant Spray.

    OK, so an update I managed to get a hold of a 5L can of Kano Labs Aerokroil. It cost £35 shipping £55 and HMRC charged £40 for import and VAT duties, (thieves)! Parcel force held up the shipment for 3 weeks. It took 2 days for the USA end to send it and took 3 weeks from Stanstead Airport to Coventry Customs! But this is by far the best read made stuff! I did email a company in the USA called Maltby Chemicals who produce but they couldn't even be bothered to reply!
  7. Himanshu

    Mk3 Cabriolet Brakes

    The seals in the master cylinder are the culprit I suspect. These give the age of the car and especially if you have bought a second hand one, The rubber perishes over time. Many times a refurbished master cylinders are very poorly built. Unfortunately do the age and Ford not manufacturing these, a refurbed on or second hand one is the only way, but just put new seals in. On average you will probably have to change the seals bi-annually. The same as manual power steering racks. My old rack covered 100k, lasted 25 years. I bought reconditioned racks only to have it fail ever two years. Somethings you have to throw money at. Unfortunately it is getting to the point you cant even throw money at these parts as Ford simply don't make them. I have purchased from Kelly Bray and Burton Power and unfortunately the new replacements don't fit or a tonne of work need to be done to modify it to ge it to fit, or they are so poorly refurbished that they last a minimal period. The labour costs out weigh the price of the components
  8. Himanshu

    Glovebox Key

    Take the Glove box lid off, and get a Lock smith to make you a key. It is costy about £60
  9. Himanshu

    Clutch Ratchet

    I have done this job so many times, It is back breaking and a real chore of a job, just pay some garage its well worth the money and then some. I took the seat out as well however you got to be slim, trim and agile which I aint no more. The last time I did this job it took me 6 hours, and then the spring clip pinged out and the whole assembly came off, lucky there were no cars, I had no brakes, no clutch pedal. I banked it on a round about got the RAC to tow it to the garage, and they alleged they had done the job and the same thing happened to me on the way back. I was lucky then as just as I got off the motorway and came home the whole assembly came off. I had to sue the RAC and Garage in the end, but it took 8 months of legal work! When you do fit a rathet and pawl make sure it is a genuine Ford part. other ratchets just fail or will be noisy and notchey. My uncle who was the Workshop manager said this was the worst job and they used to give it to the youngest and most agile mechanic and bought him a round of drinks all night long for doing it! I know I was that mechanic. I would rather fit a new hood, or take out the engine and gearbox then do this job!
  10. Himanshu

    Replacement Aerial

    I got a SAAB aerial I think of a 93 and its is super silent, and works great.
  11. Himanshu

    Cleanliness Issue :(

    Spray Oxyclean on the roof at the correct ratio (stated on the tub). and rinse thoroughly. Then apply a good protectrant to it.
  12. I bought this and it did stain some area, of my white paint work.
  13. Himanshu

    Mk3 Cabriolet Brakes

    I went through 3 years trying to address this issue. To be honest Ford Escorts had really poor barkes. I changed 3 servos, went through the who polava you wnet new disc, drums, pads, shoes, numerous brake bleeding and it was the master cylinder. I did swap one for another but this was faulty, given the age of these cars rubbers perish, you may also get the rubber hose connections replaced too they often bulge with age. Dont get the kit for the master cylinder replacement these are useless. Try and get the whole master cylinder NEW if possible. although parts for this car are rare as hens teeth and you are paying Rolls Royce prices for a a Ford.
  14. Himanshu

    What To Look Out For ? A Guide For Dummies

    I have owned several cabriolets, and numerous Fords, I found the ones made in England all were really poorly built and were rust buckets. The few Fords, that were made in Germany were far better built, the three of them I have kept have after 30 years have little rust. The Fords made in UK were like Edam cheese, after only 3-4 years. The Mk4 and Mk 5 in particular especially made in England, were made of really poor steel I was told by a geezer well into Fords at the Ford shows. My own experience does relay this. My own first cabby is made in Germany and I have to say it is devoid of any rust except the two areas which these cars suffered rust from where the wings attach to front panel. My other Fords, all had rust in the Bonnet hinge and rear wheel areas.