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  1. Himanshu

    Sloppy Gear Linkage

    These are notorious for play hence why I contacted Edd China, and Fuzz townsend, needless to say after several emails they did not even have the coutesy to respond. It makes me think these shows are just shams.
  2. I contacted Fuzz Townsend & Tim Shaw from Westgate classics, as in the TV show Car S.O.S. and previoulsy about 9 years ago Mike Brewer and Edd China of Wheeler Dealers fame, for  quote to do the works of a gear box, front end suspension job. I emails them several times, all parties could not even be bothered to contact me! I was willing to pay. 

  3. Himanshu

    Clutch Issues.

    Do be aware that Borg and Beck who were OEM now just pack item to the highest bidder. Just try to source a LUK clutch that is difficult. Ford simply just dont want to know, I dont know why they have a Heritage Center as they couldnt give a monkies about their customers.
  4. Himanshu

    Clutch Issues.

    I had my Clutch replaced. I had to buy the parts as the garage could not be bothered to spend the many hours to search for the parts. I have an All White SE cab mk3. and low and behold it is not a 200mm clutch. it is a 220mm. So peeps beaware of this. If your gonna do this job, I strongly recommed getting the parts prior, like all gaskets and seals, and avoid Quinton and Hazell Clutchs. LUK is the way to go, or Valeo, Sachs. This became a huge job, Refurberd Steering Rack, New wheel bearings hubs, new track control arms, new track rod ends, new anti roll bar and stabaliser bushes, alignment. All in all Parts cost, £550. Sachs Clutch Borg and Beck arms, altough Borg and Beck do not make the parts, they just outsource work. Boooo! Labour ran into £850. Spent two weeks as parts had to be ordered from Germany. Beware what you buy of ebay half of the stuff had to be returned as items did not match description. Filled with Mobil SHC gear oil and Moly Slip great gear changes, no more crunch. Now off to trimmers for a new hood. at an eye watering £1000! Also looking for a bespoke exhaust system. Any one have experience.of good hood fitters and trimmers?
  5. Himanshu

    Replacement Roofs

    I got a ball park figure of £550 from one of the Nottigham ones
  6. Himanshu

    Replacement Roofs

    Auto body care Marcus Bricknell www.autobodycarenottingham.co.uk gave me a ball park figure of £550 (this was a rough figure as he is on holiday and not their to check any final prices and supply with prices going up) with all cables and Mohair roof.
  7. Himanshu

    Replacement Roofs

    So this is the stage of the people I could get a response from. Hoods Galore, Just didn't not reply, they email could not even be sent to them. Aldridge timmers, £989, Car Hood Northern, £695. all figures rounded up. for a mohair roof, with new tension wires. It would be great if others could add their own experiences and prices to the above.
  8. Himanshu

    Replacement Roofs

    I have contacted Aldridge Timmers, as used by the CAR SOS show located in Birmingham area, they quoted £846+ VAT so just over £1000 with new tension cables and in mohair (not white). price correct at August 2018.
  9. Himanshu

    HELP!!! Clutch Issues

    Going into a different garage, but on a cursory look, I saw they had removed the gear selector locking rods, why they did this is beyond me. Do not if you live in the East Midlands, use, Sturgess and Thompsons Ltd, situated on Gypsy Lane, Leicester. I will post updates if it can help anyone else!
  10. Himanshu

    HELP!!! Clutch Issues

    I have just had the clutch replaced with a gear box oil change, and it now crunches in every gear, I can only get it into reverse by engaging reverse when car is switched off and then starting it. It was a Quniton and Hazell part, with Mobil SHC 75-90 oil. It ran fine until so called mechanic replaced the 3 part clutch kit and did an oil change to the gearbox. By the way, I decided to change the whole clutch as the rear main crankshaft seal was leaking and release bearing was slightly noisy.
  11. Himanshu

    Heater In Car Not Working

    Check temperature sender or wire break.
  12. Himanshu

    Can You Still Get White Roofs Fitted Please?

    I am in the exact dilemma to you. I want to keep it original as possible. but the vinyl roof is the thing I am struggling with. I really want a mohair roof which is superior so I may go with a coloured roof! The white mohair roof I am told is not manufactured! I am also thinking should I put a power roof in or leave it as factory standard. I just know that there will be issues insourcing parts should I go down the electric, roof lane! I had to pay £150 for an electronic dipstick. I am paying Ferrari Prices for a Ford!
  13. Himanshu

    Club Improvements

    It would be great if members could upload tutorials, and tips on a platform like Youtube. From roofs, power hood conversion, common DIY like brakes, suspensions, and mods!. Shame these cars don't have a lot the mechanics left anymore. I went into one so-called franchise, and the YTS kid was asking me if I knew where to plug the OBD scanner. I said cheque please and left!
  14. Himanshu

    Best Penetrant Spray.

    OK, so an update I managed to get a hold of a 5L can of Kano Labs Aerokroil. It cost £35 shipping £55 and HMRC charged £40 for import and VAT duties, (thieves)! Parcel force held up the shipment for 3 weeks. It took 2 days for the USA end to send it and took 3 weeks from Stanstead Airport to Coventry Customs! But this is by far the best read made stuff! I did email a company in the USA called Maltby Chemicals who produce but they couldn't even be bothered to reply!
  15. Himanshu

    Mk3 Cabriolet Brakes

    The seals in the master cylinder are the culprit I suspect. These give the age of the car and especially if you have bought a second hand one, The rubber perishes over time. Many times a refurbished master cylinders are very poorly built. Unfortunately do the age and Ford not manufacturing these, a refurbed on or second hand one is the only way, but just put new seals in. On average you will probably have to change the seals bi-annually. The same as manual power steering racks. My old rack covered 100k, lasted 25 years. I bought reconditioned racks only to have it fail ever two years. Somethings you have to throw money at. Unfortunately it is getting to the point you cant even throw money at these parts as Ford simply don't make them. I have purchased from Kelly Bray and Burton Power and unfortunately the new replacements don't fit or a tonne of work need to be done to modify it to ge it to fit, or they are so poorly refurbished that they last a minimal period. The labour costs out weigh the price of the components