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Advice appreciated for total newbie

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Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm new here and a soon to be new Escort Cab owner! It's a 1.6 Solar Ltd Edn and I'd really appreciate some advice on a couple of questions I have.

There are a couple of small areas of rust effecting the body work on the outer bottom edge of the wheel arches and some that runs along the lower panel underneath the doors. It appears to be pretty cosmetic and have been told that more serious corrosion to the chassis was repaired after it's last MOT last year (haven't got receipts for this work but it was subsequently passed on the items it had failed on) Is this surface rust something I should be seriously worried about?

Obviously I expect wear with a car of it's age but it is the first classic I've bought and so a tad anxious about it. I've sent pictures and detail to a local bodywork shop for a quote.

Another issue I'm having is finding a decent and affordable classic car insurance. I have the disadvantage of living in London and not owning a garage to keep it in - and advice on best classics insurers to look at or affordable storage facilities/garages in the London (Hackney) area? Thanks all in advance for helping out a newbie 🙂

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