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Nick Barnes

Cutch "grabbing "

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Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.6 16 Valve 1997,

I had a new clutch plate and thrust bearing replaced at a garage a few months ago due to the clutch starting slipping,

since the repair, the car when its in slow moving traffic and you're releasing the clutch it "grabs" and is not smooth unless you increase the revs to more than normal ? also sometimes when you try to put the car in reverse while standing still ii does not always select reverse and you have to depress the clutch pedal again and reselect reverse to get it to engage ?

Was it an installation problem or what could be the cause ? someone said it could have oil or grease on the clutch plate ? should the garage take it apart again and  re-install it or could it be another problem.

I tried adjusting the clutch pedal height but this did not change anything

Your thoughts please

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I wonder what make clutch was fitted? I would stick two a good make I.e LUK.

Fierce engagements should be dampened out by the cusion plate and hub springs within the centre disc while not going into reverse would suggest a bit of drag. Maybe a bit more grease needed on the input shaft or the idle speed could be a touch too high.

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Just a thought......

I know of one that was put in the wrong way round. The pedal was really stiff at the bottom of its travel. Needless to say it dragged like hell!!


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