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  1. Thanks for the response Rick,I have only just read it as I have not been on the site for quite a while.My engineer nmansged to sort it by putting a new linkage bush on the brake mechanisam and ajustment to the main servo,at least I can now enjoy it Thanks once again for your advice Henry Peter 2020
  2. I have a Ford Escort 1600I Cabriolet 1985 that has taken about 18 months to complete the refurbishment. It has stood in my garage un-used for about 27 years and I have virtualy finished the project.I have my everyday 2021 car that has very positive brakes and can almost stop on a sixpence.The question I have, is that there is quite a lot of "travel" in the footbrake pedal, this means the stopping distance is a lot further than what I am used to.We have checked all the usual like bleeding the brakes, checking the brake linkage and changing the linkage pins where necessary, new master cylindar. new brake liners and hoses and new callipers and discs and still its the same.Has any members got any suggestions, or do i have to live with the fact that it as an age thing compared to new technology. I will add that the car passed its test! Many thanks in anticipation henry peter
  3. Hello again Ollie.I was just enquiring whether you have had chance to look into your boxes yet.The car goes away next week for a complete interior refurb after having a full body respray.Still keeping my fingers crossed that you can help me. Regards again Henry
  4. THANKS Ollie, I hope you have a seat lever i n your boxes, as this would be a great help. Look forward to your repy. Thanks again for your response Henry
  5. Hi All, I am hoping you can help.. I was pointed in this direction from a friend who said it was the best place to get some advice on sourcing parts I am in the middle of restoring my 1985 ford escort cabriolet MK3, I will upload some photos when it's completed but I am looking for some small parts which I'm finding really difficult to locate I need the lever for putting the seat forward on the drivers side and the lumber support wheel for both seats If anyone could point me in the direction for sourcing some I'd be extremely grateful Kind regards Peter Hughes
  6. Welcome to Escort Cabriolet Club. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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