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  1. Tag plates uk ltd Or Vin tags uk .com Just google them
  2. Keep my eye on them thanks Hows your cab coming along
  3. Led to believe this was a limited edition with silver bottom half and half leather seats so blue must be bahama blue but theres about 5 codes
  4. Few bits needed below if any one got them prob add more Fuel cut off in boot Boot carpet Rear view mirror Headlamps Rear side window j shaped seals
  5. Had a couple of bargains mint roof and frame complete £32 and fully recon roof motor and rams £40 also the 2 corner trims i needed for front doors £25
  6. Found a couple of holes in spare wheel well and rear floor so new repair panels ordered Also if any one has them i need the 2 metal fuel pipes that run under car for efi
  7. Just got a fully reconditioned pump and rams all new seals etc and pipes for £40 bargain So will have a play with old ones and report back how to replace seals etc
  8. Nice one mate how much you want posted and when you find it let me know your paypal if your happy being paid that way
  9. Do you have any daz if so what you want for them thanks
  10. Sorry was replying to wrong person mate was on my orther post
  11. Also how do you fit the pieces of material that make the loop that the tonneau cover hooks go into
  12. Stripped roof and most of car and cant remember what these are probly from roof please help
  13. If you have any rscab let me know how much you want thanks
  14. Both are cracked so either would be great
  15. Thanks paul that sorted it just felt stuck broke the top plastic trim that covers the screw on the runner though
  16. Has any one got any good ones they wish to sell mine are leaking thanks
  17. How do you remove the fixed quater glass window from front door need to replace seals thanks
  18. Ordered some fr6dcx plugs Also when on chock seems better i think
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